There is no better place to be than driving down the road with your best friend in the passenger seat beside you.

You’re getting from here to there with a beautiful friend who doesn’t say much but is never boring.

In a side glance you catch the look on her face. So childlike in a way, her eyes are lit up and focused on the road ahead, exuding a pride and a sense of gratitude just to be there, in that seat, along  for the ride.

For me, it’s like receiving an unspoken but delightful and well articulated lesson on how simple life is if you let it be.

“Just be you” would be the headline

Okay. I’m with my dog, Hoku, but the sum and substance of my musing holds true.

What can we do to calm down, focus, and become a successful entrepreneur?

I ran across a post somewhere with the basic idea that for many successful people the secret lies in their morning routines.

These are not mine, so the credit goes to someone by the name Eva C. Reder.

I’m paraphrasing the post.

Take care of your health

Being an entrepreneur is a marathon. If you’re not taking care of yourself you’ll burn out and not have the mental and physical strength to run a business.

It may not sound relevant to your success as a business owner but it is vital.

Working out every day and taking the time to eat real foods can give you more energy, made you feel more confident, patient, focused and happy during the day.

Take care of your mindset

You can’t control much of what happens in the world outside. However, you CAN control how you choose to see these events.

Every day, spend some time visualizing your goals, what you are grateful for, and who and what matters to you.

Program your mind for success.

You can either choose to see the negative and take every single problem to heart; or, you can decide to focus on the positive and embrace little setbacks as learning opportunities.

Aside from a ride along the oceanfront with Hoku, one of my favorite ways of taking care of my mindset is listening to a motivational podcast while I go on a walk. I always come back refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Take care of Sales

“Business is easy: you just have to make more money than you spend.” Juan

If you don’t know how to make money you don’t have a business.

Audit your days: Do you spend a considerable chunk of time every day on revenue generating activities?

Ideally, you would spend the first hour of your workday thinking about how you can grow your business and actually taking action.

Many failing startup founders are too in love with their idea while ignoring whether people are actually buying what they are building.

Don’t lose yourself in redesigning your website, tinkering over your product, and getting caught up in answering emails.

Talk to your customers and actually spend time on selling your service or your business.

If you follow these three steps and make them part of your daily routine, it will help ensure that you stay on the fast-track to success.

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