Everybody wants to make a difference in their work.

You want to feel like what you do matters.


It may be uncomfortable to admit but you are probably over your job, and want to leave.

But, people are creatures of habit! They are afraid to go to an unfamiliar situation and build a new life.

However, the pandemic forced change..in how and where you work, eat ,sleep, shop, you name it.

Left in it’s wake is a surprising twist.

What is indelibly imprinted in us now, is a life changing philosophical reset, with a huge number of us resolved to saying…

Life’s too short to work at something I don’t like, with people I can’t stand. 

To back this up, Recent Surveys say an estimated 40% of American workers plan to quit their jobs within the next 12 months, and that’s a big reason why!

And nearly all employees are ready to check what else is out there

It’s not purely about having become cozy with working from home and demanding of their employer that it continue or else.

“Either they’re unfulfilled from their jobs or their priorities have changed,” said Maria Reitan, founder and head coach at Jump Team, based in Minneapolis.

Sounds like they’re just going to quit. Life’s too precious to languish in an unfulfilling job with a mean boss breathing down your neck.

If these surveys are close to right, we are talking millions of people, thousands of whom are the next wave of go-getter entrepreneurs having adopted a mindset of….

I’m gonna make a move.

It’s time to make a change.

Maybe one of them is you.

You don’t have to spend your work life unhappy.

You dealt with a sudden avalanche of change that seemed never ending.

You can now say “I have no fear of change.”

Are you now seriously asking yourself:

“What would it be like if I actually worked somewhere that I did like, or had my own business on the side that maybe built up into my full- time gig?

“What would I have to do in order to make that happen, because you know what, I think it’s time.”

Personally, I’ve always loved being in business for myself so I’m unashamedly all about encouraging you to start something of your own.

I kept my day job until I built enough income from my weekend party business to leave it behind. It took about a year.

It is the way to build financial security and a legacy in your life, not to mention how rock solid it feels knowing that what you do matters.

I do Princess Parties and Teach Children’s Etiquette as my business.

No difficult co-workers or dull bosses to put up with.

Just the joy of providing a unique experience that makes for happy kids and satisfied parents.

I’ve written the manual on how to start and run a business like mine successfully and have turned it into a complete online training so you can learn step by step.

It is my Princess Party Business Kit and Children’s Etiquette Business Kit.

Both are priced so they are accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

Have you ever been praised for your ability to organize and contribute creative ideas for a child’s birthday? Or maybe a friend’s?

If you feel you have the creative streak that shines in that way, why not capitalize on it?

You’ll feel like the price of the Business Kit is incidental when you realize the depth and quality of the training.

The best part is that it’s a simple plan.

If you love the idea of a weekend party business devoted to making little girls’ princess dreams come true and helping kids build character, that actually makes you money, you’re in the right place.

With my Business Kits, much of the legwork is done for you so you can focus on getting open for business in months, not years.

“Life’s too short to be stuck with an unhappy work life.”

From the looks of things, the train is leaving the station.

Don’t be left behind.

Get on board and let’s party!

Hat Tip: Ken Coleman/Dave Ramsey

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