Do you feel overwhelmed and worry about missing out on the important things in life?

Like really being present to take in the mysterious green flash of a multi-colored sunset.

Or, slowing down the pace, enough to appreciate the fact there a few loved ones around that you really care about.

How about simply being there to watch and play a part in the kids growing up besides barking orders and cleaning up the mess?

The clutter, chaos, and confusion of rushing through life from one stress filled circumstance to another can easily wear you down.

In the quiet of midnight, are you lying awake and wondering where the time has gone?

Moreover, how could life be different if you took a chance and banked on your ability to succeed on your own?

Managing your own time and making decisions as your own boss instead of working for someone else.

What would it be like to find something you can be happy doing?

If this is you but you’re not sure you have the confidence to pursue a dream, here are a few words to drop into your consciousness before you sleep.

They help me when I feel this way. I think they will help you too.

Believe in yourself.

You have the ability to attain

whatever you seek;

 Within you

is every potential you can imagine.

 Always aim higher than

you believe you can reach.

So often, you’ll discover

that when your talents are set free

by your imagination,

you can achieve any goal.

 If people offer you their help or wisdom

as you go through life,

accept it gratefully.

You can learn much from those

who have gone before you.

But never be afraid or hesitant

to step off the accepted path

and strike off on your own,

if your heart tells you it’s right.

Always believe you will ultimately

succeed at whatever you do.

Regard failure as a perfect opportunity

to show yourself how strong you truly are.

Believe in persistence, discipline,

and always believe in yourself.

You are meant to be

whatever you dream of becoming. (Edmund O’Neill)

Photo by Alysha Rosly

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