All of us at various times in our lives have come up against the proverbial wall. Everyone has times where they feel unmotivated or listless.


It’s like a subtle gravitational pull to a place where you just don’t feel like doing anything.. You might feel like this during times of stress or when you are busier than usual.

As other women, do you find yourself confronting this issue on a regular basis? It could involve anything from skipping workouts or your diet because they are painful or too much hassle.

Anything But..

In spite of all that we need to do right now, or what we desire to do knowing it is in our best interests to pursue, we will find ourselves not wanting to do anything at all.

It’s part of human nature to feel this way, but still, it’s awkward with the world moving at it’s frenetic pace, to simply not feel like being productive.

You can’t really set up shop and stay in this place forever, so the question is what do you do now?

Step 1 is to know that there is a lot of life left to live and that motivation matters.

Power Outage

Without your motivation motor you are minus the source of energy needed to pursue what’s important to you in life..

Moreover, you must  recognize that true motivation comes from within. Too often we are looking outside of ourselves for something we don’t believe we are capable of producing ourselves.

It is too easy to justify a lack of motivation because you are waiting for someone or something else to provide the spark necessary to lift you over the hump.

You might say “well I just need the right set of circumstances or an inspiring interaction with someone to get me rewound and moving again.” However, what if those circumstances or inspirational people never arrive?

Look Within You

It’s good to hear inspiring words from family and friends but chances are the uplift fades as time passes. What truly matters is that internal motivation is organic and therefore much more effective and genuinely enduring than what you might find externally.

These are interesting times to say the least. One might say that given all the uncertainty we face, it is a time to be alert, proactive, and ready to pounce on ways we can use tour advantage to protect and fortify our circumstances rather than sitting with a wait and see attitude.

Here’s Help

If you find yourself lacking motivation to get things done right now, there is help on the way!

I recommend looking at a recent article by motivational speaker Chris Widener because he offers ways too move the needle with things you can act on today, or the next time you say to yourself “I don’t feel like doing anything.”

The strategies he offers include Evaluating whether you need a break; the idea of Starting Small; Changing Your Routine; and more.

You can read Chris Widener’s article HERE

Some days it is easier to do anything except the work that you know you should be doing. Even the brightest, most driven people struggle with a lack of motivation from time to time.

Just remember,  while everyone faces resistance, you do not have to let it define your reality.

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