What Motivates Women to Become Entrepreneurs?

This question was asked of women in many different walks of life and there were some surprising answers.

But there was a universal commonality in their answers also, which in all honesty as a female entrepreneur myself, did not surprise me.

Family support, encouragement, and empowerment.

These feelings of being nurtured and supported are the source of courage for women who are choosing to throw their hat in the ring as entrepreneurs.

Money is well down the list, especially in emerging countries. However, empowerment is something that quickly raises their feeling of self- validation. In countries with modern economies, women are more greatly motivated by independence and financial strength, particularly as it relates to their male counterparts.

Men don’t have the market cornered on self-motivation

In many instances, women are actually more self – motivated than their male colleagues to show a stronger spirit of entrepreneurship.

Information Technology is opening doors

Information technology has created the opportunity for women everywhere to become better informed via access to the internet, mobile phones, email, etc. They have a broader network and are therefore better positioned to become informed and exchange ideas with others more freely.  This type of empowerment is driving an explosion in women entrepreneurs around the world.

As a woman in business, I have an interest in knowing what motivates others and how I can play a role in helping to show the positive role entrepreneurship can have in women’s lives.

Being a female business owner gives you a sense of purpose

A sense of purpose is a primary motivator along with financial independence, and the ability to master whatever it is you are producing. While few openly mention money as a motivator, I believe that family support is very important for obvious reasons but also to derive a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

If money is removed and women are asked what motivates them to go into business, here is a list of the most compelling reasons given, not necessarily in order of importance.

  1. Opportunity

The ability to get out from under the constraints put on by others and the freedom to decide what will be done and how it will be accomplished is at the top of the list

  1. Autonomy

Once again, individuality is a prime motivating factor. The fear of going back to corporate and being a number again is frightening to most people in business for themselves.

  1. Freedom

Time freedom and flexibility, especially with working women is a great driver. The ability to make your own decisions, and have the opportunity to chart a course for your own life is also important.

  1. Impact

As the owner of a company, every decision or action you take has the potential to mean the difference between success and failure. Employees are rarely placed in a position to make or break a company. The challenge of directly influencing the outcome of a business through your management and decision making skill is a prime motivating factor in going into business.

  1. Family

Being able to spend as much time with family as possible, while at the same time fulfilling professional aspirations is a huge motivating factor.

  1. Legacy

Many women feel that creating something of our own ingenuity and leaving a lasting legacy for our children and the community at large is of great importance.

  1. Accomplishment

In the end, what truly makes people happy is a sense of accomplishment. To the entrepreneur, it means setting goals and working to build a successful company.

I believe in the findings in these surveys because they are exactly the same driving motivations I had in going into business: freedom, flexibility, empowerment, independence, and a desire to accomplish something. I also do not mind saying that I was motivated to support my family and financial considerations were important.

Not every business can deliver on the right blend of autonomy, freedom, and family time. It can be complicated to resolve competing desires.

I was fortunate to choose a Princess Party business that allows me to tap energy derived from all of these sources of drive and motivation, as well achieve financial satisfaction.

Choose carefully. You can do this.

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