Living life the past 2 years has seen many hardships for families due to disruptions in employment, schooling, and child care.

Are you asking yourself:

“How do I juggle all this with having to commute to work?”

I can’t work from home, but my kids are at home.
With daycare centers closed, or too expensive, the kids would be left without supervision.”

In many cases, the answer is, “I can’t.

If you are contemplating resigning or downshifting your career — perhaps going part time, leaving for a less demanding job or finding something with better work-life balance…I ask…

“What do you have in your toolbox to change your situation?”

You’ll need ideas and affordable resources to help you with a way forward.

I can offer you this:
Learn from me how to open a part-time Princess Party business that can not only provide income and balance your life out, but you’ll be ecstatic because your job is all about making people happy!

The Princess Party Business Kit is an invaluable resource not only helping you to see if a part -time party business is for you, it…

Gives you a roadmap to startwithout spending a lot of time and money. From 23 years in business, I’ve written down, recorded, and video demonstrated everything I know in one easy to use package.

I understand the situation today. I was there 20 years ago. Sometimes, entrepreneurship is forged out of necessity.

Same problems at different times.

A weekend party business solved my problem then, it will work for you now.

You can achieve a better balanced, more prosperous life and I would like to be one who helps you get there.

I have LOWERED (BY 40%) the price on my Business Kit, the most complete Online training, information, and support package available,

You can be confident knowing you’ll have a supremely reliable resource in your toolbox, to use forever.

If you say you don’t have enough time, you’re fooling yourself, you’re wasting time somewhere.

What better time to find something brand new, that is more meaningful to you, but if you don’t take action, you won’t see results.

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