Going bonkers holed up in the quarantine cafe?

If you’re reading this, you’re not interested in another whole day of doing absolutely nothing, surrendered to all PJ’s all the time.

Look, now’s the time for some reflection in every aspect of our lives, and priority 1 has to be searching for ways to right the ship, and committing to a brighter future when this is all over.

Think of the Possibilities

I’m sure we’ve all got that first thing we’re doing no matter what, post-lock down, but for now, let’s think about using this time to become better versions of ourselves.

It Takes Preparation

A lot of you are working on things while at home, like researching ways to make extra money or taking online training to start a side business that could really help improve your finances going forward.

Or, maybe you have a small business that’s been shuttered, which will need ways to quickly boost income when you light up that “re-opened” sign in the window..

Income Protection

So, here I want to offer a tried and true, realistic, income producing, side business that’s been a game changer for me for many years, which can really make a difference for you too.

Generating more than one revenue stream in my business has been income protection. If one side dips temporarily, the other can be counted on to support and pick up the slack.

Ready Made Platform

If you are working on establishing your Children’s Tea Party business or have a complimentary/kid oriented business, you have a ready- made platform on which to launch other revenue generating services also catering to children.

One such service is Etiquette and Life Skills Enrichment training classes. It is very popular with parents and perfectly augments your core (party) business. It is also a great way to increase your reach by incorporating boys into your business.

Confidence Building

Good Manners and learning at a young age how to interact in social situations are essential for every child’s self- confidence and success in life.

You will have several ready-made marketing advantages the moment you decide to add etiquette and life skills enrichment as a service.

First, this type of training is not readily available these days in most communities, and if there is something offered, it is usually booked up months in advance. Parents do the best they can to encourage good behavior, however, there are limitations to what they can accomplish given their hectic lives, and are therefore eager to take advantage of help like this when available.

Marketing Essentials Already in Place

Secondly, you have all of the marketing tools and devices from your core business at your disposal to hit the ground running and roll out a new offering. This means your social media outreach is already in place such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email database, regular onsite party clientele, website traffic, and other regular advertising.

Most importantly, you have a trust and rapport with existing customers that their children are in good hands and they will get value and benefit for their investment.

Adding a service like etiquette training should be very profitable because utilizing your existing venue and marketing infrastructure should dramatically lower the cost of obtaining customers. You are adding revenue without adding cost to your business!

. Keeping it Fun

As far as the Etiquette Class itself, keep it a lite, fun, and interactive atmosphere for the kids. It will most likely be geared to younger children, ages 6+, focusing on the basic building blocks of appropriate behavior in social situations.

A short list of basics that etiquette sessions could offer might consist of: first impressions, shaking hands, proper introductions, making eye contact, the use of proper grammar, full table and restaurant etiquette, meeting and greeting, how to give and receive compliments and writing thank you notes.

The Antidote to Poor Role Models

Parents today are dealing with their kids’ exposure to poor role models on TV, the internet, in the classroom, you name it. They are also coping with high stress jobs and too little family time. Many jump at the chance to give their kids this type opportunity which is advantageous to everyone.

Adding this type of service to your princess party business is great way to maximize the use of your physical space, to increase activity during slower times like the summer months, and winter and fall breaks from school.

In addition to your core clientele, there are a number of other prospects such as after school programs you can also offer your services to.


If you are interested in adding income to your existing business, or starting etiquette training as a stand- alone enterprise, Lisa Rose will soon be introducing a brand new and improved  “Manners are Cool” Etiquette  Kit complete with audio and video coaching and demonstrations covering an entire course curriculum so that you can quickly and easily begin an etiquette program, saving you a tremendous amount of time and money in the process.

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Business Kits from Lisa Rose make starting income producing part-time businesses easy by providing expert training and support while teaching every step necessary to get you open for business.


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