Has your greatest dream always been to walk into the office, hand in your notice, and leave the corporate grind behind to the soaring sound of a brass band?

I can’t promise you that , however, if you enjoy being around young children and are seriously looking for a small business whose main focus is to be happy,  you will be encouraged by these promising trends.

Something to Celebrate

During the past 20 years, children’s birthday parties have grown from backyard gathering’s with clowns and games into a diverse Multi-$billion industry in the United States alone according to celebration industry analysts.

While growth has been understandably subdued during this last 2 year period, pent up demand is high and ready to take flight.

This a ground report report from personal experience.

Good news!

The event industry in general is noticing an uptick in business as families and friends plan to gather for kids birthday parties, weddings, and baby showers again.

The market for kids’ birthday parties remains huge with estimated annual revenues in the $3 billion range, as celebrating birthdays is a continuously replenishing source of demand.

When you think about it, what more could you ask for going in when considering a business venture than low cost and constant demand?

Like every other smaller business, the birthday party sector suffered short term losses, however,  opportunities are only expected to grow after the events of the past 18 months, as eager parents are determined to make up for lost time because they missed their kids’ big birthday party last year.

And probably the year before too.

Staying power

It is indeed a shame that many venues closed over the past couple of years, however, there is now plenty of room to enter the market and rise with improving conditions.

The best kept secret about the birthday party sector is that there is no big dominant player. In fact no one captures more than a 5% market share.

While it may be competitive, it is clearly a market where smaller niche venues can not only establish themselves, but thrive and prosper for the long run.

Time and again, through ups and downs and the crazy cycles of the past twenty plus years, my OPEN sign is still flashing brilliantly.

What that says is that a birthday party venue catering to kids is not a one size fits all product, and never will be. It is a space where individual creativity carries the day.

A never ending supply (of birthdays)

Let’s say it like it is, for the past two years kids have missed out on their one big day of the year, and they feel robbed.

“She was talking about her birthday for months, but I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to do anything because of all that’s gone on,”

Now, parents are so relieved their kids could do something like a birthday party again, In fact,  parents are now booking ahead to make sure a venue won’t fill up on the date they select.

Ready to receive

We are approaching the time where people are ready to get out and celebrate and get back to birthday parties in real life and you want to be poised to meet the demand for your services,

Ultimately, what this means for you, is that getting to work right now on the planning and organization of a new side business is not only a huge opportunity but also an incredible investment.

There are about 75 million kids under the age of 18 in the United States. That’s a lot of birthdays, and parents spare no expense to provide a unique experience especially for the younger ones. For parents to spend $450 on a party is commonplace.

After all, they only have a precious few years because before you know it, they are teenagers.

In essence, an all inclusive party venue has great appeal to busy parents who don’t want the stress or have time to plan birthday parties. As a result, they turn to you to create a memorable birthday party experience for their children.

As a Princess party business owner, you’ll take care of every aspect of the party, from the planning to the signature main event, to the decor, so that parents can relax and enjoy their child’s special day.

Ways of earning multiple income streams

My business model offers twice the opportunity to generate an income from Princess Birthday parties and Children’s Etiquette sessions.

The two are a perfect compliment to each other and makes it easy for parents who are looking for these services to choose you.

The situation over the past two years have taught us the importance of multiple sources of income. It is extraordinary in a side business to feature two incomes streams that support each other, require no additional space, inventory or supplies, and at the end of the day lower per event costs.

But, let’s be clear, while earning power is important, a business like this is not all about money.

You are invested in dreams and imagination through Princess Parties, and it can only be a positive to be spending time finding creative ways to teach the basic manners and social skills so kids will become more wholesome and grounded, having a better chance for success and a sense of self worth.

Because there are typically no direct competitors in your space, you are the only one who can provide your customers with the custom birthday party experience they are looking for.

There are national or regional party franchises you can buy into if you need that level of security, but the minimum investment is going to run between $100,000 and $250,000  including a franchise fee.

So, if you have vast amounts of money to burn and feel the need to pay for corporate systems and marketing for a side business, you can go that route, but there are better, far more economical ways to accomplish your dream.

But let’s be honest, who needs to spend anywhere near that kind of money even if you had it? Who needs that pressure everyday?

I started in leased storefront, fully accessorized, with a $12,000 investment 24 years ago and grew to where I earn full- time income working part-time..  What’s even better today, is that the business is so flexible you can launch without a lease in at least five (5) different ways, save money to get started and still generate income.

The business just isn’t that complicated

Anyone can do it to be honest, you just need some key resources that provide a roadmap to start without spending a lot of time and money. Having that will eliminate uncertainty and give you confidence about the results you can achieve.

The best resources are those which are Actionable, not overwhelming. It will help you be more focused in your approach.

I offer The Business Kit a fully developed resource, demonstrating all the training and information needed to start a Party business showing you proven methods that can be used over and over for all facets of your business.

The Princess Party Business Kit is completely different than every other “How To” information concept on the market, providing you with the structure you are missing to start and grow your business.

Perhaps its greatest value, and the reason I created it, is by offering you the best opportunity for success by removing the guesswork about what works and what doesn’t, saving tons of time and money.

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