1. Choosing to be a Stay at Home Mom was absolutely the right thing to do. Going back to work in a weekend business allowing me to stay a mom and have a career too, was a great decision.

2. Every day is a little girl’s birthday.

3.You don’t have to spend a fortune on a franchise to get into business. You can do it economically on your own.

4. Be creative, but don’t get fancy. This should be a high profit margin business. Kids are easy to satisfy.

5. Determine your niche, stick with it, and deliver a stress free, all inclusive product.

6. Never underestimate the value of quality service and referral business.

7. No matter the ups and downs or chaos in the economy, your business is essential and parents will spend money to see their child happy.

8. If the value of your service exceeds the cost in your customers eyes, you are a success.

9. Absentee ownership never works.

10. As long as there are little girls, there will always be Princesses.

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