As a mom with a full-time job, it’s tough finding time to be with your children, achieve your career goals AND create time for yourself. After you spend all day at work, you still have to get the kids fed, share some quality time with them, make sure everything is ready for the next day AND get some sleep.  There HAS to be a better way, right?

We think so. The solution is simple: Start a part-time business that can allow you to be flexible with your time, while still providing you an income AND a way to pursue your dreams. can become your full-time business. Below, are several flexible jobs for busy moms ideas that require a small investment and can lead to a large payoff:

Princess Tea Party Business

Busy parents are always looking for a unique experience for their kids, but do not have the time or experience to do it themselves.


Children’s Etiquette & Life Skill Training

Teaching kids everything about how to behave properly in different social situations is the purpose of children’s etiquette. It’s a known fact that children learn best with their peers, and this is the perfect setting to enhance their social skills.

Catering Business

Do you love to cook?  Do you have experience in the restaurant or culinary field?

Start planning menus for birthdays, parties, and other social events. Sky is the limit and you can combine business with pleasure if cooking is your passion!


If you are experienced in content writing, web design or financing, IT, etc. you can choose to subscribe to one of the online freelancing platforms available.

These platforms will allow you to market your work on the web, and you set your own hours.

Crafting Business

An intriguing small business idea for moms is to start a business creating, your own crafts. Be it candles or embroideries, home decorations or jewelry, you can use your imagination and work only when you have the time.

You can set up an e-shop and advertise online.


Moms are experienced in taking care of babies and kids. So childcare is something you have experience in. You can start babysitting to begin and see if it suits you as a profession. Chances are that you will love it!


Are you passionate about something in particular and do you want to let the world know? Then you should consider blogging! This is a wonderful way for expressing yourself and being creative online.

If you succeed in getting high traffic on your blog, you can add advertisements and consider affiliating marketing.

Virtual Assistance Business

You may be at home, but you can work just as hard. So it is an interesting option to consider working as a virtual assistant. You will do all the administrative work required, and you will answer the phones, write emails, etc. All that in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Online and Offline Courses

Are you interested in tutoring? If you love teaching but you cannot spend too much time away from home, online courses can be the answer to your question.

You can set up an online tutoring service and adjust your time, without being deprived of the teaching experience you have been craving for!

As you can see, there are many options out there for busy moms who want to combine family life with a small business.

Running your own small business affords the opportunity to earn extra income.  But, money aside, the best part of running your own business is the quality time that you will have to spend with your own family.

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