If you are always busy with a crowded “to do” list never seeming to accomplish meaningful things when the day is finished, how would you like to reverse that and become more productive?

It’s a daily struggle that many entrepreneurs experience. Somewhere along the way things turn upside down. Being busy becomes the objective because it makes you feel good while important things fall to the bottom of the list.

Let’s be realistic. Choosing a feel-good outcome isn’t going to move you any closer to your goals. It is a fleeting sensation that will vanish as you fall further and further behind.

I’m sure that you have a daunting list of things to do every day. The question is are you going after the right things on your list or avoiding the things that will yield results?

If you feel like you’ve acquired some avoidance habits, Chris Ruisi, in Entrepreneur magazine, has some excellent tips to pull yourself out of the “I’m too busy to get anything meaningful done” cycle.

In the article entitled “5 Tips for Getting the Most Important Things Done Every Day,” Chris says “you have to break down the wall you’ve built around yourself” and get out of your daily routine that keeps you from working effectively.

To start tearing down the neat little fences you’ve built, he lists a series of questions designed to reflect the patterns you have created so that change can begin to take place.

Much of the problem stems from endless streams of “stuff” that pop up unexpectedly, diverting your attention and siphoning your energy away from what really matters.

The author has a list of 5 simple yet concrete things to do to reorient your thinking and create healthy mental habits. They are well worth the 4 minutes it takes to read his article which you can find here.

My feeling is that while it is a time of open opportunity for women entrepreneurs, the world isn’t necessarily an easy place these days. So when opportunity calls you ought to answer it with enthusiasm!

After all, it’s in your own best interests to keep focused as best you can, and resist trading real progress toward your goals for the empty feel good that busyness brings.

You can accomplish whatever you want to do in life. I did, therefore so can you.

When I decided to go into business, I had days where I went in circles and didn’t accomplish much. Whenever that happened I took a step back, refocused, and went on with my priority list. Now after 17 years in the Princess Tea Party business, I couldn’t be happier that I stuck to it.

If you are interested in looking into your own business, you can learn more here about a wonderful opportunity for busy moms and working women.

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