Let’s talk. It’s time.

Chance are, you’ve accumulated enough life experience to have weathered a couple of down cycles, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome if you hung tight and maintained the status quo.

Things today aren’t like they were.

This time it’s different. There is no pretending.

What was once easy is now hard, and that which could be put off until tomorrow, can no longer wait.

I don’t need to tell you that inflation and the day to day cost of living is soaring.

The price is up everywhere and in everything we do.

The question is not whether you were prepared for the music to stop, because most were not, but whether you are now convinced of the importance of becoming more self-reliant in the disordered  age of uncertainty?

I’m sorry, but I just have to say it.

The last year has seen a growing number of people who in all likelihood never even considered the need for a Plan B, who are now searching (out of necessity) for a backup plan to ensure their well being.

The best thing to do right now is to be proactive in protecting yourself and your family, and the last thing you want from this situation is the pressure of accumulated debt.

In other words, a safety net or a secret weapon if you prefer, to ensure you’re covered in the event Plan A (whatever you are doing now) looks like it may not give you the income you need in the long run.

This isn’t financial advice, simply common sense.

It’s unmistakable

I previously noted that a recent NBC TV consumer report told us to now get a side hustle as 60% of Americans are right now today living paycheck to paycheck.

It is likely much higher now…things are moving that quickly.

The alarm bells have sounded to search for ways to increase your cash flow.

I suggest a unique approach…let inflationary concerns drive good investment decisions instead of poor decisions.

I suspect many of you know in your heart that you need to bring in more income to your household and would much prefer to accomplish that with your own side gig rather than taking on a second job.

The point to all of this? While it is never too late, it is well past time to get moving.

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