Everyone these days is on information overload and in need of little a little breathing space.

Have you been saying to yourself “I’m stuck and I want my life to change”?

Some friendly advice: Don’t waste your life believing “I can’t” when most definitely you can.

You may be feeling stressed about your job or career or feeling frustrated that you are no longer moving in the direction of your dreams. In most cases it is simply about not getting the results you desire in your life.

Would you like a few tips to restore a healthy outlook to keep yourself strong and proactive, come what may?

Whenever negative thought patterns arise, you need a way to overcome this type of thinking in any scenario.

For this reason, it is a good idea to check in often on your thinking. Listen to the ongoing chatter and see what you can do to prevent negative patterns from becoming the dominant voice.

So, while your mind is busy causing problems while you aren’t watching, there are definitely effective ways to expose and put an end to the wearisome effects of negative thinking.

In an article a couple of years back for the online publication, BYRDIE, Angelo Pennetta wrote about ways to stay positive, and not just when you’re having a bad day, but ways that promise lasting effect.

She brought to light 6 practical ways to kick the negativity habit and begin to develop a more sustainable positive mental outlook.

Everyone would like to enjoy better relationships with themselves and others, as well as attract exciting opportunities into their lives. It is very difficult to do that if you feel down about yourself or don’t expect anything worthwhile to happen for you or those you care about.

Pennetta challenges you to just throw your arms in the air and take a vow to kick negative thoughts to the curb and open your mind to become available to all of what life wants to throw your way.

Hey, why not?

In looking over her list, she starts by recommending these six things:

  1. self- acceptance
  2. regular exercise
  3. visualizing your goals,
  4. discovering inspiration, then
  5. taking action
  6. turn desire into reality.

When it comes to feeling stuck and a desire to change your life circumstances, Jack Canfield an award winning speaker and well known leader in personal development also advises us to do the following:

  • visualize a goal by imagining yourself actually doing it:
  • defining a life purpose statement by writing down and getting clear on what you are passionate about; and,
  • keeping your eye on the prize by constantly remembering what your end goal is and more importantly, what your life will be like when you accomplish it.

These are all very effective techniques having everything to do with what you think. As Canfield says, “Think This, Not That.”

If you watch interviews or read about people who have overcome obstacles and prevailed at something, more often than not they attribute staying positive as one the main reasons for their success.

These are interesting times to say the least. You’ll run into roadblocks, obstacles, and setbacks.

But, pay attention to your thoughts and what that still, small voice within is saying, you can find the source of these challenges and transform negative into positive every time.

Give it a try.


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