Let’s chat. It’s time.

Things just aren’t like they were.

What used to be easy is now hard, and what could put off until tomorrow, can no longer wait.

I don’t need to tell you that inflation and the day to day cost of living is soaring.

It’s everywhere and in everything we do.

The question is not whether you were you prepared for the music to stop, because most were not, but whether you are ready to become more self-reliant in the age of uncertainty?

The last year has seen so many people who probably never considered the need for a Plan B, now searching out of necessity for a backup plan to ensure their well being.

The best thing to do right now is to be proactive in protecting yourself and your family, and the last thing you want from this situation is accumulated debt.

In other words, a safety net to ensure you’re covered in the event Plan A (whatever you are doing now) looks like it may not give you the income you need in the long run.

This isn’t financial advice, simply common sense.

It’s unmistakable

I previously noted that a recent NBC TV consumer report told us to now get a side hustle as 60% of Americans are right now living paycheck to paycheck.

More households are likely affected now…things are moving that quickly.

The alarm bells have sounded to search for ways to increase your cash flow.

It is no longer a mere casual suggestion, but a reality check.

I suspect many of you know in your heart that you need to bring in more income to your household and would much prefer to accomplish that with your own side gig rather than taking on a second job.

So what’s holding you back?

Most likely it’s things like time, effort, and money.  Or, the vague idea of needing to be “ready” to be able to handle running your own side gig.

Maybe you’re so overwhelmed by the idea that you become paralyzed with the options? I understand…but…

If I know my readership, you want something that challenges your creative side and offers an opportunity to create some wealth and perhaps a legacy in the long run .

But right now it’s about keeping our heads above water and avoiding financial problems.

So now you’ll ask… “what if I have no experience in business?” Well, since you’re reading this, I assume you have interest in a business like mine – the Princess Party business.

My answer is, there is no such thing as a lack of experience to do this. If you love kids, party planning, dress up, and are willing to learn, you’ve got this.

And besides, you have me to lean on to get started.

And now you’re questioning:

Will this work for me if I’m still working a 9 – 5?”

Absolutely! This is a part-time weekend business, and I recommend you don’t quit your day job, just yet. You’ll need your weekends, plus a few hours during the week to prepare for your parties.

Oh, and there’s one last thing, you say.. I don’t have that much money to start up.

That does not need to stop you.  I can show you different ways to start up without leasing a space and keep start up costs down. Ways you can get started right away. Plus very cost effective ways to run your business.

I think we’ve covered the issues of time, effort, money, and the confidence to pursue what you know is the right thing for yourself and your family.

The point to all of this is, it’s time to get moving.

Photo by Valentina Conde

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