It feels like it’s coming from all angles, doesn’t it?

Fear is a potent adversary,

Being fearful clouds our judgement and saps our strength.

Well, I prefer to deal with things from a higher vantage point.

I believe there is a great energy in 2020.

An energy to inspire people to see more clearly, to meet challenges, accomplish goals, and provide leadership.

We awaken every day to tension and anxiety served up by the morning news, and are exhausted by 10 AM.

Unfortunately, it plays over, and over, and over, and over again.

Let’s change that by resolving to simply Rise Above the Chaos!

This brings me to something else.

A belief that Spirituality and Prosperity are Equal Partners

To me they are natural allies instead of the belief that their purposes are not in alignment.

Here’s some good news!  Prosperity and spiritual development are two sides of a single coin.

They work together. It’s not like you can have one but not the other.

Our Intentions Hold the Key

If you believe that contentment, achievement, and financial success are all compatible, then you can bring happiness into your life in abundance..

Abundance is a Mindset. And it’s OK

There is no invisible force outside of ourselves demanding we choose between prosperity and peace.

I ran across an article by David Ferruolo, who says that the consciousness of people is changing. He points to the fact that there is more emphasis these days in finding a better way to live than a single minded pursuit of success as measured by wealth and status.

Seeking Greater Fulfillment

Humanity is seeking greater fulfillment, and the pursuit of material gain is no longer what completely satisfies our needs.

This is clearly reflected in the younger generations who express more interest in positive social impact and purposeful careers than a traditional sprint up the corporate ladder.

There will be lots of studies on this but often times the simple observation is the right one. Occams Razor.

The Silver Lining

Perhaps for all its traumatic effect, a silver lining comes during uncertain and chaotic times because it seems to trigger a greater awareness and a higher value on simpler things.

Upward mobility in the corporate world can come at the expense of job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

More top companies today espouse corporate core values more aligned with a greater sense of employee satisfaction and positive social impact in the workplace.

On the Right Track

As Mr. Ferruolo points out, you can absolutely have spiritual depth and material success as well. It is not wrong to attract this state of being into our lives, on the contrary, there is a broad movement is in this direction.

A conscious awareness of abundance along with prosperity is perfectly attuned with happiness.

The broader idea is to live life with a purpose. With your intentions in the right place what could  be wrong with that?

Throw Off Expectations

There are long accepted definitions and measures of success. Many people pursue their idea of success within the context of doing what is expected of them by others through attending certain schools, or entering a particular profession to amass the conventional trappings of success.

In many cases it comes at the sacrifice of a deeper yearning for happiness or a different idea about what success means, in order to appease important people in our lives.

I think most of us are guilty from time to time of laying this on our kids to strive and reach higher in the name of only wanting the best for them.

Look Inward

This too is changing in a big way as people begin to look inward for the potential that resides there, making a connection between their skills, inspirations, experience, and motivation to redefine success.

It is clearly reflected by the fact that more and more people, especially women, are adapting to changing circumstances by going into small businesses for themselves.

Women Leading the Way

Women are emerging as much more than primary consumers in the business equation. They are motivated to innovate, and well equipped to succeed as entrepreneurs.

All with clarity purpose, which is the essential component of success because it unleashes the tremendous power of belief and possibility.

That potent combination of thought and desire is how I got into the Princess Tea Party business 22 years ago. It was clear to me that I wanted to prioritize my family over a job, and that I enjoyed being around young children.

I was able to create an ideal part-time business as a mother and contribute to the community I served by offering parties, to worthy causes such as Make a Wish and other charities along the way.

Maybe I was unwittingly ahead of the curve. I wanted happiness and flexibility, which meant to be with my family, and achieve financial success at the same time.

My business is the bridge connecting desire and passion with abundance and success.

How about you?.


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