Happiness is elusive

In this fast paced world of distractions, experiencing true happiness can be like trying to catch a butterfly with your fingers.

The desire to be happy is imprinted in our consciousness,  yet it remains out of reach for so many.

The messaging world of marketing comes at us at a frenetic pace. If you aren’t solid at your core, you won’t stand a chance against it. It’s someone else’s idea of what makes you happy.

How could they know if you don’t?

 Be strong to be happy

Deep within there has to be a rock solid set of beliefs to rely upon.

If you would like to discover what truly makes you happy, start by looking at your beliefs to see who you are. You may be surprised to find that you’re closer to happiness than you thought, and all it takes is a bold decision to make a change.

Life was moving too fast

I can recall a time when life was moving too fast, and happiness to me meant slowing life down. I wanted to prioritize my children and loved ones over a job and find a balance point amongst all of my responsibilities.

I wanted to slow down the pace and see the kids grow up, and to have some freedom from stressful demands at work.

Don’t get me wrong .My life was still good.

My husband and I had friends and we were experiencing good times. But I realized one day that while wonderful experiences are to be cherished, pleasure is not happiness.

Pleasure is fleeting.

Happiness is the essence of life and a never ending supply.

It is also easy to mistake success for happiness.

A beautiful home, a job with a title and salary to match, power and influence are all the mark of success.

These are important to many people and rightfully so. You work hard and should enjoy being successful, especially if your intentions are in the right place.

But success can lead in many directions. Much of achievement is an effort to outrun a fear of failing, and it often times is a rollercoaster of stress and joy.

Success should not be confused for happiness.

So how do you define happiness?

As a mother, happiness is time with my family and loving my children. The simplicity of that brings me into alignment with my purpose on this earth.

I can do many other things to achieve success, however staying true to my purpose opened the door to happiness.

Transform your life.

I would like to invite you to sit down and start peeling back the onion.  What is your true nature, and what does your ideal life look like?

Develop a picture of what makes you happy. An ideal work and family life, goals you would like to reach, and what it feels like to experience them.

It could take some time if your true nature is buried under layers of life experience, but go ahead and persevere. You just might find something you like.

I guarantee you will never feel happier than when you align yourself with what truly is your purpose here.

I chose to align with my life purpose by going into business for myself.

It transformed my life and can transform yours too.

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