Are we really going to go along, blithely accepting a trend where it seems anything goes and nothing matters?

To me, that takes a gentle philosophical concept of “I don’t mind what happens” to entirely new and sadly distorted level.

We need a sense of order in our lives which at the end of the day allows us to measure our success.

So, if you are a working woman, how do you define success in your life?

In an article a few years back, Jennifer Parris article wrote that a “whopping 89% of respondents to a survey said they defined career success as the flexibility to balance family life and work.”

I’ll bet it’s pushing 99% right now.

Managing a family and keeping a 9-5 means that working mothers have two equally big jobs. I’m guessing about the inherent underlying conflicts , given how women clearly and unequivocally define success.

I’m curious what do you think? Are you with the 89%?

How Does an Unfulfilling Job Affect Family Life?

If it’s true that a sizeable majority of working mothers are settling for unfulfilling, even unpleasant careers it’s not a stretch to conclude that dissatisfaction at work impacts your family life as well.

It doesn’t take much to upset whatever delicate balance you have managed to achieve in blending family life with your job when the two collide.

The 89% Club

So, if you are a member of the 89% club the choice is yours. Either pick your moment, gather your courage and approach the boss requesting what you want, or settle for whatever they give you and hang out in quiet desperation.

A Much Better Option

Actually, there is a third option. Start researching small business ideas for women and make a plan to come out from that uncomfortable space between the rock and the wall and start a small business.

If trading worry and stress for setting your own hours and better control of your income is what you are truly after, jthen give in and admit that yyou want what you want and drop the pretense.

Women all over are doing it and in a lot of cases beating the bow ties off of their male counterparts. It is something we are well suited to do by nature because we are compassionate, articulate communicators, and, relationship builders. We can hire the numbers people if we need to.

Get with it. Confidence is the new sexy!

Social Proof

It worked for me as I have been at it for 25 years. Being unhappy in a job and thinking I could somehow maintain a happy atmosphere at home was never going to happen.

Where do You Stand?

If 89% of working women define success as being able to strike a harmonious balance between a day job and their night job of managing a family, where do you fit in that equation?

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