The Beauty of Being Right

I thought I could make an extra $2,000/MONTH AS A STAY-AT-HOME MOM.

As it turns out I was right, and it happened a little faster than I anticipated.

Being a stay-at-home mom or a working woman is not easy

Between a job, playing the roles of chauffeur, nanny, and household CEO – among many others – there is often little time left to pursue something that might interest you on your own… until now.

Lisa’s Masterclass offers women just like you – with busy lives and a heavy load of responsibilities – a way to transfer those mom skills into small business management skills.

When I started out, I was simply hoping to replace a part-time salary doing something I really enjoyed. I had no idea if it was going to work or provide a steady, reliable income.

I discovered something very early

Little girls love to dress-up and imagine they are princesses for a day, and their parents are delighted to see them so happy!

Given how busy most parent’s lives are, they are also grateful to be relieved of the stress of planning, coordinating, and hosting a birthday party themselves and are more than willing to pay well and tell their friends about it. You may have had this experience yourself once or twice.

Unique selling proposition

This is what is known in marketing circles as “a unique selling proposition” which served me well as I was able to do 6-8 parties a month and meet an income goal of $2,000 sooner than I ever thought I would.

I started small in a well located but otherwise average location. Almost 20 years later I am still in that same location, doing 35-40 parties a month.  Most importantly I had the chance to both contribute financially to our household and watch my kids as they grew up.

And do you know what else? I still truly look forward to going to work every weekend.

The Masterclass

Lisa’s Masterclass offers you the opportunity to take advantage of this in-demand service, and all at your own convenience. As a Princess Tea Party business owner, you will be your own boss and set your own schedule, with the flexibility to plan ahead and work around family activities.

It is the perfect opportunity for any woman who values her job by the amount of freedom and flexibility it offers.




Lisa Zakar is a wife and mother of 3. She is the owner of Lisa Rose, a popular Princess Tea Party venue. She has a 19-year track record in the Princess Tea Party business. Lisa Rose is an award-winning Princess Tea Party venue with Best of Honolulu/children’s parties/Honolulu Magazine, and, Winner of Best Children’s Parties/Island Parent Magazine. Lisa Rose is located in Honolulu.

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