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Module 1 of The Ultimate Course is all about goal setting and developing your “Big Idea.”  You hear my audio coaching and use worksheets and other materials to help you clearly determine your goals.

  • You’ll receive Expert Advice from Lisa , who has been in the Princess Party Business for almost 20 years.

 Module 1 Link below:

Presentation:  Includes PDF Documents:  Worksheets, checklists, reading material & Beginner’s Guide.  The module includes, video and audio in each slide.  Activate the video or audio button in each slide, and go at your own pace.





PDF Files:  Included at the end of the presentation, but you may download and print them prior to starting the presentation.

Module 1Worksheet

Module 1 Reading Material

Module 1-Customer Service Tips

Tips for Accomplishing Meaningful Things on Your To Do List


Free Beginners Guide


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