Are you working in the corporate world but feel miscast in a role that just doesn’t suit you? Take heart,  you have lots of company.

Things are changing fast just not fast enough

For many of you out there, the road to financial freedom and independence still winds it’s way through the corporate mainstream.

Unless you were born with a wild streak, a corporate logo was in your future if you wanted a “good job” and the promise, real or imagined, of  creature comforts that came with doing time in the corporate mill.

A lot of us are just not cut out for that personality wise

But we have responsibilities and are stuck wearing an outfit that doesn’t fit. Every morning it feels like squeezing into a straight jacket.

Now, you may think something is wrong with you for not conforming, but trust me, there isn’t. It’s actually healthy to find yourself secretly plotting your escape.

In fact, your “flaws” may be cause for celebration

Why? Because the chances are you are much better suited to be an owner than an employee! And, your saving grace may be your “flaws.”

John Rampton, writing for Entrepreneur magazine, says that personality “flaws” making you feel “like a square peg smashed into a round hole” in a corporate job, are actually the building blocks for success as an entrepreneur for many people.

What others might consider personality traits holding you back at work, like problems with authority, a one track mind, or being quiet or introverted, are definitely qualities found in people who succeed in business. Even a little arrogance is an attractive ingredient.

When you think about it, that makes sense.  These characteristics are not only important, but necessary in order to hatch an idea, then plan, promote, and execute on your business plan.

That type of confidence, quiet or otherwise, attracts people to believe in your ideas and support you. They might even choose to invest with you.

I personally didn’t have problems fitting in with the good companies I was with before going into business.

The fact is, I just had definite ideas about how I wanted life to be when it came down to working and raising a family.

As it turns out, I do have some of the personality “flaws” that make me a far better entrepreneur than I could ever be as someone’s employee, and thankfully so.

I had just enough “swag”, as they say these days, to believe that I could run the show, and the motivation to get myself up every day and press in on my goal.

Why do that for someone else when you can do it for yourself?

The safety of a paycheck is great and absolutely understandable.

But, if you are unhappy collecting it, it’s time for an inventory to check for personality flaws.

I know a lot of you are like me. You just need a little help to recognize your entrepreneurial strengths, which until now were considered as weaknesses.

I thoroughly enjoy My Princess Tea Party business. It suits me perfectly.

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