Would you change negative patterns to positives in your life if you knew how?

Here’s some good news! You can do it and create lasting, meaningful change in your life .

It may not be a snap depending on how deeply invested you are in negative patterns, but it sure will be worth staying with it until you succeed.

First Step

Sit down and make an honest list of everything that is running right in your life and in a column next to it,  things that are not. Once you are satisfied you have it all out in the open, you’re in a good place to start re-writing your story as you would dare to have it.

Remember it’s not about the mechanical process of writing out a list.

Let your soul have a say, giving voice to your desire.

One key technique is feel outcomes of your desire and to act s if it has already happened.

There can’t be enough emphasis placed on leaving as much of the negative on the cutting room floor as possible. More importantly, make a deal with yourself to never let it back in.

Life will begin to change in remarkable ways.

There are times in all of our lives where feelings of insecurity, self- doubt and fear occupy too much space and lord over our thoughts.

Many big decisions are made along that dark shady path.

Put into context, the mystery is removed as to how we end up with the same results, different day.

Check in on your thinking often

Listen to what you are saying to yourself and what you accept as true from others in order to eliminate patterns of negativity.

Do not accept a negative script

Even if your mind has been busy digging a hole, hoping you won’t notice, there are good ways to stop and change the script so that life unfolds as you truly desire.

Staying positive

In her article for the online publication, BYRDIE, Angela Pennetta writes about ways to stay positive, and not just when you’re having a bad day, but ways that promise lasting effect.

She offers 6 practical ways to effectively kick the negativity habit and develop a natural, lasting positive mental attitude leading to contentment in your life.

After all, that is the objective of all this, isn’t it?.

Everyone would like to enjoy a quiet self-confidence, better relationships with others while attracting exciting opportunities into their lives. It is very difficult to do if you feel down on yourself not expecting anything worthwhile to happen.

Steering your life

Pennetta challenges you to take a vow to kick negative thoughts to the curb becoming better able to steer your life in the direction you truly want it to go, as opposed to handing over the wheel and being driven.

And why not? Is there something better than featuring a brighter outlook and a pleasant disposition?

Embrace inspiration

In looking over her list, she makes a lot of sense in recommending as a starting point, self- acceptance, exercise, writing down and visualizing your goals, embracing inspiration, and taking action to turn desire into reality. Her full article can be read here.

Overcoming the odds

We all hear stories from people who have overcome the odds to prevail under tough circumstances. They invariably connect staying confident and positive with their ultimate success. If they had allowed fear or insecurity to rule the day it would have without a doubt been a dramatically different outcome.

Good times, with a little bit of rain

All in all, while we accept some rain along with the sunshine,  you’ll lead a more contented life,  attracting happier people if you simply kick negativity to the curb.

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