Stuck again for a New Year’s Resolution?

Has wracking your brain for one-liners about losing weight, taking an overdue trip, or getting rid of your boss for good  lost it’s appeal?

I used to go back and forth with it, but like many people, the idea of drafting and signing a resolution started to ring hollow and I got away from it.

Unkept Promises

Honestly, it’s a bit like making promises to do something tomorrow that you could have done yesterday but didn’t. It’s a real let down at year end to dust off the list to find you have nothing to check off. Again.

Well, Alicia Forest, MBA, posting a while back on Women’s Entrepreneur Radio blog,  had a good idea about making good on your list. Read More Here.

A list by itself, she says, is of limited value.

But, if you have the PLAN to go along with your list…now you are in business!

Alicia promotes the idea of a Strategic Plan or a simple Business Plan for yourself to accomplish in bites throughout the year.

Business plans are about describing objectives and setting goals and time frames in order to accomplish them.

It is the “what, when, where, why, and how,” blueprint to take you where you want to go.

The key is to set reasonable goals and to picture the outcome in your mind before you set sail.


Alicia outlines 5 sensible steps in her strategic plan that are not intimidating or difficult to achieve.

Generally speaking, if you like jotting down resolutions but can’t seem to make them stick, this is a solid approach to fixing that problem.

 Starting a Business?

Also, this method would also work if you are ready to go into business, but don’t know where to start on a business plan.


A custom tailored personal business plan will keep you focused on setting goals and reaching them, as opposed to the feel-good approach to writing a list only to have it collect dust.

In my Princess Tea Party business, I operate to a mission statement and a simple plan.. My goals relate to how we treat our customers, growth targets for the year, new offerings, and so on.

Nothing too complicated 

But, I’m nearing 22 years in the business.

I’m on a mission this year to help other moms and women interested in developing a business like mine by offering an all-inclusive Business Kit that is the “what, where,  and how,” blueprint to take you where you want to go saving plenty of time, money, and costly mistakes.

Helping Others

It’s something I needed but wasn’t available when I was starting out.

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