Have you ever wanted to start a side hustle, but didn’t?

We live in an era of the “freelancer.” What was glamorized as the life of the hungry yet determined artist living outside the boundaries of the status quo, has now gone mainstream where nearly 60 million Americans are active in a side hustle because their traditional 9-5 has created an emotional void and left them wanting something more.

The side hustle can be as small as a few hours a week or a venture that gains enough popularity to become your main source of income. The main benefit of a side business is freedom-freedom from a boss, an inflexible schedule, and, financial limitations.

What’s The real reason you’re not starting your side hustle?

In an article for entrepreneur.com, Kim Perell says “I’m going to be real with you for a second. It’s not about the money … because for most businesses, you don’t need much money to get started.

It’s about your mindset.”

She goes further, speculating that whether you realize it or not, you might be using your lack of funds as an excuse not to start your side hustle. She makes the point that money aside, many women are lacking something else. Maybe you simply need more confidence and to overcome your fear of failure. Or perhaps feel like you lack the expertise necessary to get started.

The author offers a 3 good tips to successfully launch your side business without much money, which you can read HERE

Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way in developing my fun and profitable little side business:

Accept Help

If true help is available, take advantage of it. It will save you time and money. Guaranteed.

Don’t Waste Time

Female entrepreneurs have the determination and dedication to ensure success for their business. It is absolutely possible to turn what you’re passionate about, into a side business or even full time income. Use the time you have available to search out business ideas and how to execute on them.

Have a Clear Purpose

The playing field has been leveled and the door is wide open for budding women entrepreneurs, however, a fine point should not be overlooked.

You simply must have a clear and simple purpose for doing it. If you have no particular purpose for going into business but rather just a reason, like making money, or getting out of a corporate job, it will be tough to convince others to invest with you or buy your product.

Reasons are fine obviously, they convey the logic for doing this or that, but passion and purpose fuel commitment and are powerful persuaders.

People are very perceptive and can tell when their best interests are being well protected.

In launching Lisa Rose, I believed wholeheartedly in the simple concept of helping make a little girl’s princess dream reality for a day. I had to look no further than my own two daughters for any convincing of that. Between the ages of about 3 and 9, they played princess all the time without any prodding.

Communicate Simply

All of us walk around with dreams in our heads, and this is definitely one with kids of that age. I could see it with my own eyes and my job was creating the environment to facilitate and communicate it simply.

Spread Happiness

People want to be around someone with an upbeat, sunny outlook. It gives them confidence that you know what you’re doing and that their money is well spent on your brand.

What I learned over time, reaping constant benefit is that a good formula for success is to have a clear purpose communicated simply.

Such is the key to prosperity in my view. Customers are less concerned with the exact product you sell them, as they are with trusting the quality of your brand and the integrity of the person behind it.

Referrals. That’s the ticket

Nearly all of my advertising is through word of mouth and social media. I could feature a different dress or costume, or promote a different hairstyle, but that’s not the point.

In this day and age, the ground is fertile for women to go into business, therefore, there is every reason to break into your dream career. The only person holding you back… is you.

Once you are in business, the mantra is to communicate simply. Speak to the heart of your customer.

Make a Difference

Most marketing messages today are about family, people, and social impact rather than profit for profit’s sake.

It’s really ok to measure your success both by making a profit and by making a difference in your customers lives.


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