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Lisa Rose Princess Tea Party Business in a Box

An Income Producing Complement to Your Business

A Ready to Go Add-On to Your Existing Business

Adding a complementary business is a great way to expand your company, increase revenue, gain new customers, and also sell more products.

Princess Tea Parties are a perfect add-on to your business because parents are always looking for unique ways to outsource a child’s birthday party, customers love it, the overhead is minimal, and the business practically sells itself.

It is  a natural fit for event planners, tea rooms, family recreation facilities, country clubs, etiquette schools and many businesses similar in nature.

 Boost Income Quickly With High-Profit Princess Tea Parties

Adding a new business line is the fastest way to add revenue. If you’re interested in adding thousands of dollars of revenue to your business Right Away, the Business in a Box is guaranteed to get you started quickly while saving time and money.

The Princes Tea Party Business in a Box is a complete startup package and inexpensive at $349. It is simple to understand and easy to implement.

Princess Tea Parties are a high-profit service.  The startup cost is low with minimal monthly overhead.  This business line will appeal to your core customers and also attract new customers. It can be incorporated into an existing space quickly and easily with minimal need for additional employees.

The average retail price for a children’s birthday party with 9 guests is between $350-$400. The average for basic Children’s Etiquette, Manners, and Social Skills sessions is about $50 per child.

The beauty of the Princess Tea Party Business in a Box for Business Owners is that you do not have to invest a great deal of money acquire a business in order to add revenue to your existing business.

Return Your Investment with Your First Weekend of Parties

With the resources tools and information in The Business in a Box, you are able to add-on  Princess Tea Parties and Children’s Etiquette training into your current business quickly at very little cost.

As a Complementary Bonus, Lisa Rose offers an additional 1 Hour of Consulting, a $149 value, with your purchase of the Business in a Box.


10 Coaching Modules from Lisa’s Princess Tea Party Business Masterclass Plus More Valuable Tools and Resources

  • Party Packaging and Pricing
  • Party Format and Schedule
  • Space Planning and Supplies and Vendors
  • How to Operate Your Business
  • How to Run Your Parties
  • Website and Reservations
  • Marketing and Promotion Strategies
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Quality Control
  • Adding Income Streams
  • 30+ Instructional Worksheets, Checklists, Videos, Photos
  • 1 Page Website Digital Template to Promote Your Business
  • Digital Format Marketing Collateral to Include:
  • Thank You Card: A thank you card design you can edit and use.
  • Gift Certificate: A template you can use and edit.
  • Business Card Design: You can edit this design for your own use.
  • Postcard Design: Perfect for mailing or handing out.
  • ¼ Page Ad Design: Great for both a magazine and local paper advertising.
  • Video tutorials on how to edit your website, postcards, etc
  • Become a Children’s Etiquette Teacher Instruction Manual PLUS Become a Princess Tea Party Business Owner Manual