Are dreams our Soul Messengers?

“You can tell what you believe in by what you get.” Alan Cohen.

If we stopped right there I believe we would understand the essence of what anyone really needs to know in life. By what we accept as true, we can either have abundance and happiness or a sinking feeling created by limiting beliefs.

The simplest ideas wield enormous sway over our lives

This is the nature of reality and how our minds work. The greater of any two emotions win the battle. It comes down to the stories we believe about ourselves and the world around us.

The good news is we too can edit our limiting beliefs

In a reprint from her book Unsinkable: “How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down,” Sonia Ricotti introduces the concept of limiting beliefs and takes you through how they originate, examples of common beliefs that hold you back, how to identify them, and a step by step approach to reprogramming with beliefs that will enhance your life.
In many cases you have deep-seated, accumulated beliefs that are now so normalized, you don’t recognize that they are what hold you back from true happiness and success.
With some introspection, you can identify what you’ve bought into through the years to stifle your growth and work to remove those beliefs.
Ricotti shows you that that is quite possible. She is honest in implying there is no magic wand, and it may take some time to reprogram your mind with genuine empowering beliefs.

But you can do it

Sonia says that what you focus on expands, so the more you focus on these new beliefs, the more it becomes your way of thinking.
We’ve all heard the saying “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” No problem agreeing with that, but then do you continue to live by your limiting beliefs?
What she is saying is that you can come out from under them. When it comes to your potential to great things, to be happy, and to discover a purpose in life, why hold yourself back?

We all have trials in life

To understand and believe that we have the ability to bounce back better than ever if we want to, is a great revelation.
I believe in being the best I can be, and that means understanding that shedding limiting beliefs no matter what we want from life, is the most valuable thing we can do.

After all, we get what we believe in

That simple belief drove me to take a risk and go into my Princess Party business 20 years ago. I succeeded.

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