There are those people that you have a good a feeling about even though you haven’t met them and probably never will. There’s something beyond the obvious you admire or relate to on some level. They have an invisible magnetic pull.

Passion is the Lure

For me, actress Drew Barrymore is one of those people. I’ve enjoyed her work in film but that’s not it. She’s beautiful, engaging, and very relatable, but I’d never been quite sure if that was the draw.

There’s a lure, however, I just hadn’t been able to put a finger on it.

An excerpt from a recent article by Taffy Brodsesser-Akner, in More Magazine brought it into focus for me.  Barrymore’s resilience and authenticity as a human being are certainly appealing.

Up from the Depths

She climbed out of the trap of childhood fame, which in Hollywood often means hard drugs and in her case, absentee and abusive parents. No doubt it hurt to see it and live through it, but she needed to remember and learn from it somehow.

In growing beyond it, she’s reinvented herself multiple times to become a major figure in her own right within and away from the film industry.

A Fighter

It is clear to me that I respect her and what she has done for women by being steadfast and courageous.

The author easily articulates the essence of what Barrymore believes about the role of women today, and what they can accomplish. There are no boundaries.

Women Can Do Whatever they Want to Do

On the one hand, Drew says “Women can’t do it all.”  She cites quantum physics and the fact that it is impossible to do everything, every minute of the day, which is a blind expectation placed on women. In her very next breath she says what she really believes, that women can do whatever they want to do.

Your Calling Flows from Passion

Drew Barrymore believes that “from your passion, comes your calling, especially if you work hard for it.” She says nothing in life comes easy, you have to earn everything that comes your way.

That’s it! That’s the connection between us!


Drawing upon her belief in empowerment, Drew Barrymore has acted, produced and directed films, been a winemaker, and launched fragrance lines. Her passions led to her calling. She’s now a business mogul.

A mogul I am not, however, we are forever bound in that our passions have led directly to our callings in life.


I was and still am passionate about raising good kids, having family at the center of my life, and achieving something worthwhile in my working life.

It feels pretty darn good to have accomplished it

Something in Common

I’m nearing 20 years in business and passionate about helping other women follow their desire for a quality life with family on the front burner instead of the back.

It is quite an honor to share this in common with someone who comes from a starkly different background, however, somehow magnetically arriving in the same place of shared experience.


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