How does work does work fit into your life?
The turbulence of the past two years has been difficult to negotiate, exposing for all to see the unpredictability of life.
With a profound effect on how we view employment, hundreds of thousands if not millions of women are choosing to downshift or even to downsize their careers or job situations, devising new ways of handling life circumstances beset by constant change..
Others have left a job because they simply have had enough of the frenzied life and want something fresh.
Are you looking to reduce stress and worry and make a brand new start?
If there is one thing that causes a ton of anxiety it is the dread of Monday morning and the prospect of another week at a job you are less than thrilled with.

Everywhere you look there are stories of women taking a hard look at their job situation, and realizing that they would much rather be doing something else, only this time you’re going to do something about it.

We are creatures who resist change, so when all of the basics of life start moving like chess pieces all over the board, it leaves you exhausted.
But, this situation right now could also serve a higher purpose as your best opportunity to take your time, think about your dreams, and decide how work fits best into your life instead of the other way around.
Things are going to change no matter what, so you may as well take charge of your destiny.
None of us have a supernatural ability to see for certain what lies ahead or which path to take to guide us in making decisions that effect happiness and well-being.  Without such a gift, our mission is to work our way through it as best we can.
How to create a comfortable blend between work and the rest of life is the question on everyone’s mind. Trying to balance a traditional 9-5 with the  demands of modern family life has never been easy and was poised to reach it’s moment of truth.
A reckoning is occurring in real time as women are rethinking how to reconcile three main issues: the natural instinct to take care of a family, a sense of responsibility to contribute income, and the desire for flexibility and a meaningful work life.
How do you approach that?
The obvious elephant in the room revolves around work. The question is… what role does it now play in your life and are you happy with that?
To help you find answers, here are 5 relevant questions plus 1 that I asked myself a long time ago which are right on time with what’s happening today.
  1. Do you like your job?
  2. Would you rather be doing something else?
  3. Do you want your life to revolve around your job?
  4. Do you want your job to fit into the kind of life you want to live?
  5. Is life too short to stick it out in the wrong career?
  6. We’ve seen more than 104 Million Small Business Startups since 2020-Would you like to be part of the Startup boom?

My answer was that I was going to work, and, that I needed my job to fit into the kind of life that my family and I wanted. A 9-5 job fitting that description was as hard to find then, as it it is now, so to make a long story short, I went into business for myself and solved all three main issues:

In choosing to go that direction, it managed to keep stress and worry to an absolute minimum with a flexible schedule, a dependable income, and beautiful memories of happy kids and their parents too.

Without a doubt, today’s circumstances are extraordinary and very few have managed to avoid having your lives upended and tossed through the spin cycle.

If you are searching for ways to create an income outside of a 9-5, why not consider starting something on your own which requires only a 2-3 days a week part-time, is simple and uncomplicated, providing a service that everyone loves and appreciates.

That describes the Princess Party/Children’s Etiquette business.

With all of my experience I have the ability to share what I know about my line line of work.

My Business Kit was developed for that purpose- to transform my experience and know-how into a training program to help you create a thriving side business for yourself.

One frustrating thing that has prevented women from making decisions for yourself and moving ahead with a business idea, is they are afraid of what other people, like your spouse or partner, brother or aunt, or whoever, are going to say, and you get held back for that reason. You end up rationalizing away things that you want, like more freedom, more independence, and more money.

Think of it this way…you know things are going right when your friends and family think you are crazy.

You can’t let other people dictate your life.

The evidence is overwhelming that the other main reason women shy away from their entrepreneurial instincts is you’re worried that you don’t have enough information, don’t know where to start, or ,are just missing that step by step instruction kit that makes you feel ready.

The Business Kit is a complete training from a real real world perspective. It removes the insecurity and guesswork to allow you to pursue your dream with confidence knowing you’ll also have support when you need it.

If you are looking to start a side business of your own, you’ll want to acquire the Business Kit as the resource to get you started and upon which you can rely on forever.





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