In my previous post, (Part 1) I introduced  the idea of Setting SMART goals as a practical way to overcome the fear of failing.

If you have a plan, even just a small one, you can focus on the plan and not the path.

Remember, what we’re exploring here are practical ways to get past a fear failure so it cannot doom our dreams before we even get started.

In Part 2, let’s go a little deeper and challenge you to try a few ways that will not just lift you over the hump, but also put you on a firm foundation for success!

Build Relationships

Humans don’t do business with companies, they do business with people. The more people you tell about your business, the more it comes back to you.

We all know that Word of Mouth is the most powerful form of marketing, and in the beginning, it’s the words from YOUR mouth that will start the ball rolling. Join a networking group, or three. Search for “networking” + your city and you are bound to find at least one group that would be happy to have you.

Another way to build relationships is to do a few parties for free. Ask parents you know or friends if they would let you throw a party for them in exchange for a few positive Yelp Reviews.

And yet another way to build relationships is with complementary industries. For example, you might decide to have tea sandwiches at your parties. Find a local caterer who might be willing to partner with you to see how it goes.

Offer to spread the word about their catering and them about your parties and keep that relationship sacred.

Do Something You Describe As Impossible                                        

The true tip of how to overcome the fear of failure in business is to gain confidence. We gain confidence by doing things we we didn’t believe we could do.

For example, a marathon might seem impossible to you, but completely possible to someone else. Or someone else might think to have children were impossible and you might not.

Or, another person might think to attend a networking group by yourself was impossible, but you think it’s just meeting new people. The key is to find out what that impossible thing is and do it.

Want to lose weight? Find a diet and exercise program that fits your schedule, that you can commit to and do it. Overcoming a big “impossible” thing is one step toward recognizing that fearing failure is just as much in your mind than anything else.

The power is yours to change the direction of your thinking to see that success is attainable, and, that you are as worthy of it as the next person.

Having been in business for many years there were times when my ideas didn’t pan out or promotions fell short.

In life, there will be obstacles along the way, and at times feel like it is trial by fire. They are there to be overcome not feared and to weave strength into the fabric of your business and life in general.

I’ve always felt that the only way I could fail was if I quit. Since that was not an option, pushing through to success was the only way to go.

It worked out better than I could have dreamed.

In my Princess Tea Party business, little girls come to have their birthday princess dreams come true. It is a happy place where parents are thrilled to give their children a unique and wonderful experience and love seeing so many smiling faces.

And while it’s a completely different kind of happiness than the kind that Sara Blakely brings to women, it’s still just as rewarding.

I’ve done it for 22 years now, and the secret is simple:

  • Have confidence in yourself;
  • Create attainable goals;
  • Take one day at a time; and,
  • Believe that you are making the world just a little better everyday.

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