The Princess Party Business Kit – Part 2 – Operating “Lisa’s Secret Sauce”

Teaches “Best Practices” by guiding you step-by-step through how to run a successful party business, where to find vendors, developing a brand, and secrets to scheduling, formatting, and running parties. Your download includes 5 easy to follow modules in an online format. Learn anywhere from any device.

The Princess Party Training- Part 2 – “The Secret Sauce”, shows you step by step how to run parties and efficiently operate your Princess Party business. Learn all the secrets to satisfy discerning customers, by giving them a quality experience, and leaving them with a smile.


 How to run your parties
 How to operate your business
 Packaging & Pricing
 Party Format & Schedule
 Designing Your Brand/Vendors


  • Go at your own pace
  • 5 Lisa Rose Coaching Modules chock full of valuable inside information you won’t get anywhere else
  • Complete a module and move on to the next
  • Build a business as big or as small as you want
  • Get personal support and training

Worksheets, checklists, reading material, videos and photos are all included. The Princess Party Training Program is the best Training Available on How to Start a Princess Party Business.


The Princess Party Business Kit – Part 2 – Operating  “Lisa’s Secret Sauce”