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The Princess Party Business Kit – Part 2 – Operating “Lisa’s Secret Sauce”

Teaches “Best Practices” by guiding you step-by-step through how to run a successful party business, where to find vendors, developing a brand, and secrets to scheduling, formatting, and running parties. Your download includes 5 easy to follow modules in an online format. Learn anywhere from any device.

The Ultimate Course – Part 2 – “The Secret Sauce”, shows you step by step how to run parties and efficiently operate your Princess Party business. Here is where all the secrets are to satisfy discerning customers, by giving them a quality experience, and leaving them with a smile.


 How to run your parties
 How to operate your business
 Packaging & Pricing
 Party Format & Schedule
 Designing Your Brand/Vendors


  • Go at your own pace
  • 5 Lisa Rose Coaching Modules chock full of valuable inside information you won’t get anywhere else
  • Complete a module and move on to the next
  • Build a business as big or as small as you want
  • Get personal support and training

Worksheets, checklists, reading material, videos and photos are all included. The Ultimate Course is world’s best Training Course on How to Have Your Princess Party Business.


The Princess Party Business Kit – Part 2 – Operating  “Lisa’s Secret Sauce”