Princess Diaries Membership Group

A private monthly Membership group, allowing you to network with women just like yourself and find the expert guidance you need to take your desire to the next level and succeed in the Princess Tea Party business from starting up to scaling up.



“For years, my customers have asked if I would personally train them so they could achieve a better focus and learn the business faster. That’s why I’ve developed the “Princess Diaries.”   Lisa

The Private Membership Group: Created to Solve a Problem

Feeling lost and alone out there?  Is that standing in your way?  Join my private membership group and have constant connection with other members, like yourself, and Lisa.

We’re here to learn, encourage, motivate, celebrate wins, learn from mistakes, and basically be there for each other throughout this incredible journey.  You don’t have to go it alone any longer!

Join Our Community to Keep Your Learning on Pace

Monthly trainings by Lisa, to keep you accountable and focused on learning the business and reaching your goal of generating new income quickly.  Also includes live Q & A sessions, so Lisa can personally answer your questions.

I teach you everything that has worked. and not worked for me . . . so you can work faster and smarter too!


Founding Member Lifetime Special

Join Now as a Founding Member and pay only $15, for as long as you like.

Offer ends Nov. 28
Regular Price $34.90 per month
Minimum 3 months

From Beginners to Experienced Entrepreneurs

We can all learn from each other, bounce ideas back and forth, and receive expert coaching from Lisa.

Set Goals

  • Learn how to establish positive goals that will inspire you to take action to accomplish your goals.

Planning & Operating

  • Learn about essential business areas such as organizing, planning, scheduling. 
  • Day to day operations, party formula, venue selection, acquiring inventory.

Marketing & Advertising

  • Social Media, customer service, efficient customer interface and communication, much more.
  • Establish your web presence


  • Become aware of all the fundamental aspects of business, from starting-up to scaling-up, much more.

Learn from key elements of the Business Kit


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A Princess Diaries Membership is for anyone with drive to take control of their future.


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Network with others and find the motivation and guidance to

achieve success no matter what stands in their way.



Regular Price $34.90

Meet Lisa.

Aspiring Business Owners,

Do you want to see your income grow this year?

The market for kids’ birthday parties remains huge with estimated annual revenues in the $3 Billion range, as celebrating birthdays is a continuously replenishing event.

Now, with a Training like The Business Kit, it is much easier and faster to learn a new business like a party service to create a new income stream at low cost without having to do much leg work.

It is all laid out in a structured visual format so you can learn faster and reach your goals of generating new income in months, not years..

Now is the time, as the event industry is seeing an uptick in business as families are planning to gather for birthday parties, weddings and baby showers, again.

Think of it. What more could you ask for when considering a business venture than low cost, premium pricing, and constant demand?

Did I mention how Princess Parties are so much fun that you’ll have the time of your life hosting each and every one of them?

To your success,


Exchange ideas on ways to create income, grow your business…and have fun doing it. Hint: If they’re giggling you’re doing it right!

Princess Tea Parties are easy and with the right approach, they practically sell themselves.


Our Customers Love Us

“I am so grateful that I had this kit and Lisa to guide me through the process of how to run a successful business. You even get the etiquette course to help you conduct etiquette classes to generate more income!”

Sonya, Maryland


Sonya, Once Upon a Teacup

“Lisa’s Tea Party Business Kit works!!! It has helped me start my own Tea Party business in Maryland, Once Upon a Teacup, LLC. I’ve been mobile, but now I’m ready to get that retail space. Thank you so much Lisa!

Kay, HospitaliTea

“I love being with kids and Princess Parties seemed like a natural way to add business to my teashop. The Course really helped stream line the process”

– Kay (HospitaliTea, IL)

Latoya, North Carolina

“So, after listening to you, working on weekends would be perfect. Something I’d always wanted to do. Thanks for providing the tools.” 

Latoya, North Carolina

Rhietta, Learninghive

” This is the resource I have been looking for.”

– RheittaLearninghive, GA

Crystal, Virginia

“Lisa Rose is very knowledgeable about this business and I value the depth of knowledge and expertise she shares and outlines in this kit. Miss Lisa Rose is very pleasant and I appreciate how responsive she is to my questions. I honestly believe she wants me to succeed and I appreciate that..”

  Crystal, Virginia

Tanya Thomas

“On the day that I came across your website, I told my husband that I was ready to return to work but didn’t want to go back to the corporate workforce, I want to be an entrepreneur.So when I look back over my life, entertaining, dinner parties & good clean family fun which highlighted the children have always been a part of my life. So here we are…princess/ tea parties.”

Tanya Thomas

Become Very Familiar With The Princess Party Business Model:

Low Cost, Premium Pricing, Steady Demand

Industry Standard $350+ Per Party (markets may vary)

Expert training with a step-by step approach

It’s simple, and easy to implement. No prior experience needed.


How does this work?

It’s simple.

Join Our Community now as a Founding Member and pay only $15 per month for life. Have a question, want to share a win, or just need to share.  Jump in the group and ask.

What Can I Expect?

Our discussions will focus on how to run quality children’s tea parties, every time. You’ll be able to discuss ideas and experiences with like minded women, as well as coaching, and support, by Lisa Rose. You’ll pick up valuable tips, strategies, and insights on what to do and what not to do to enjoy a successful business.

Everything, including my personal coaching, is focused on teaching you how to implement a successful party service.

How Much Time Will I Commit?

A children’s tea party service is normally run on weekends. From 1-4 Parties per day can be accommodated depending upon venue. Parties can also be scheduled for weekdays particularly during school breaks.

How much can I expect to make?

Children’s tea parties of the quality standard taught in theBusiness Kit  Course can bring in the range of $300-$400 per party of 6-10 children depending on your location. If the proper approach is applied, especially regarding cost and quality control, it is not unreasonable to net approximately $200-$300 per party, investing 2-3 hours of your time.

Is There Someone To Help Me?

Yes. The Founding Member’s Membership is designed to provide advice, valuable direction, and tips, with like minded women in your niche. Lisa is committed to providing follow up support and encouragement when you need it, and also offers One on One Coaching services.

“Lisa did not hold back with sharing tips, successes, and failures she’s encountered over the years. She gave real advice, and instructed me on exactly what to do and not do in order to have a successful business.”

Felicia, Atlanta, GA

 Come away from each discusion with problems solved and a better idea on how to implement a successful business strategy.


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