The Princess Party Business Kit -Planning- Part 1

Congratulations!  You are on now your way to becoming a Princess Party Business Owner. 

The training starts here.  It is a self-paced online coaching and support program where you decide when you start and when you are finished.

If you are really intent on getting open for business quickly the full course should take about 8 weeks to complete, but you can go at your own pace.

The course is broken into three parts:

Included in Part 1 of your Ultimate Course are Modules 1-5 designed to get you excited, off and running. Part 1 walks you through how to plan, create, and start your new business.These 5 modules cover goal setting through choosing a location and include creative worksheets, checklists, videos and other instructional material to make your journey smoother and more comprehensive.

I encourage you to take each Module one-by-one. As information is absorbed, and the exercises are completed,  move on to the next Module.

Part 2,  encompassing step-by-step operating of your business and running your parties, through creating a website, marketing, and social media strategy and additional income streams, will be released in week 5.

Attached are links to your modules:

Part 1

Part 1 – Includes the first 5 modules






To your success,

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