You can open your own weekend oriented, franchise type business at less than 5% of the normal franchise start up fees and costs, and earn a great part=time or full-time income.

With a franchise, you’ll open your doors $175,000 in debt and have to do things according to formula instead of your own way. Take advantage of 20 years of experience by using the Lisa Rose Princess Tea Party Business In A Box or one of her How To Guides. You’ll see how to open and operate the right way a tiny fraction of the cost, and bring Big Ideas and creativity to the party!

With the Lisa Rose Business In A Box, you get two (2) complimentary and highly profitable services in one-Planning and Organizing Princess Tea Parties and Children’s Etiquette and Social Skills Training. These services not only attract their own customer base, there is very often overlap where the same customer takes advantage of both, creating a highly efficient and profitable business model.

The Business In A Box makes it easy for you get started quickly by delivering a completely supported hands-on, step-by-step guide to establishing a profitable independent small business.

Don’t get me wrong. Franchises have many benefits, but can feel like a poor- fitting outfit to the wrong individual. If you prefer having the benefit of following a known process with guidance and support, but without a corporate formula to follow or a huge time and financial commitment, the small investment you make with the Business In A Box might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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