Princess Tea Parties and Children’s Etiquette are a perfect fit as an add-on service for many businesses.

Businesses such as tea rooms, hair salongs, boutiques, party/event planners and children’s oriented businesses that are looking to increase profits by offering more for their customers.

The Princess Tea Party Business in a Box is an all-in-one solution to increasing revenue by providing all the information, tools and guidance you need to operate profitably right away.

I created it to fix a problem;  how to help small business owners and individual entrepreneurs reap the benefits of using an all- in- one proven model and avoid wasting their time and money recreating the wheel. With a ready to go package  they can free up their time to focus on putting the system to work and running their business.

We’re all constantly looking for ways to improve our business and marketing – that’s a given.  Princess Tea Parties as an added service is an easy way for your business to increase revenue while also giving a service you know your clients need and want. I’ve been doing it for 20 years. If it wasn’t true I could not say it.

We’ve done all the work so all you need to do is put the easy system to work.  You’ll have all the information and resources you need to operate profitably from day 1.

If you are not sure if you should use the Business in a Box or offer Princess Tea Parties as an added service, here are some of the benefits of working with it:

  • Adds extra revenue to your business quickly, saving time and money in the process
  • Allows for you to offer a service your clients already want or need without you having to do any of the leg work
  • Being able to trust that you are using a proven business model based on 20 years of business experience
  • Being able to provide your clients with with a service that you didn’t have before
  • Enhance your primary business by exposing it to new customers as a direct result of offering Princess Tea Parties

Now, with a game changer like the Business in a Box it is easier than ever to achieve your goal of enhancing your bottom line without having to spend much money or do much extra work. It is all laid out so that you or any trusted employee can roll out your exciting new service and take advantage of it right away.