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Let me be the first to say that it doesn’t always seem possible to break free of a 9-5 job or even earn additional income by starting a small business on the side. But it is.

Limited funding won’t stop you from chasing your dream of being your own boss and earning an income on your own.

Let me show you some fast, easy, and affordable ways so you can get started .

I have been in the Princess Tea Party business for nearly 20 years. Now, it’s true, I invested a modest amount of money to open a shop, and carried some monthly expenses.

But, I worked hard and had the business off the ground quickly and covered those expenses without dipping much into reserves. No matter how you approach it, this should operate as a low overhead high-profit margin business.

Let Your Passion Become Your Job 

If you really like kids and enjoy party planning, you can reclaim your time and earn additional income having fun as your own boss.

If your funds are limited, no problem. There are great ways to get organized and offer your Princess Tea Party services, which if done properly will get your business off and running.

Regardless of where the parties are held, the services and features remain the same. Your purpose is to make a princess dream come true for a little girl in a happy atmosphere, by offering simple, all-inclusive, hassle free services.

It’s Usually Never a Straight Path to Your Goal

Parents will be satisfied for having provided a unique birthday for their child and will still pay you well for it.

Here are a few good alternatives for launching your business without leasing a space on your own:

  1. Sublet during the week. Since this is weekend business, you might find an ideal space for your business, however, only securing the space if you have a firm commitment from someone to sublet the space from you during the week when you won’t use it. This should be something compatible like crafts, tutoring, photography studio, or a like business. Something that can be rearranged easily for your weekend business. You may be able to receive enough rent by subletting to make it work for you.
  2. Search for a Shared Space. Again, based on your needs for weekend use, you may be able to arrange a sublet from someone else who operates during the week, and would be delighted to share space on weekends and generate a little income from it. Some examples might cafes, restaurants with small side rooms, small meeting rooms, the local YMCA, Community Rec Centers, retail stores with flexible space, etc.
  3. Go Mobile. Many party venues offer to bring the party to their customers and this approach has already gained market acceptance. The most likely scenario involves transporting all party related inventory and accessories to the location, setting up and breaking down when the party is finished. I have offered this service on a select basis to higher end clients, and it is a very feasible approach. In pursuing this, you might focus on higher end clientele and charge higher prices since you may not be able to book as many parties as you would if customers were coming to you.
  4. Operate from a Home Based Venue. This is somewhat the same as if you were leasing a space, however, I recommend it only if your home is set up in such a way to have a clearly defined space to hold your parties. It means you would really need to be organized and prepared to have lots of kids and parents in the house on weekends, but the number of bookings you take is strictly up to you and your financial goals. It may be a quicker way to reach a point where leasing a space fits your business plan.


What’s Important is to Get Started

Without a doubt, there is flexibility to choose different ways to host your Princess Tea Parties that best fit your start-up budget. Your offering in terms of party packages will be the same whether you are in a permanent location or not.

The important thing is to get started, knowing there are affordable ways to start your thriving business, while you can always expand or move into a permanent space later if you like.

The Perfect Starting Point

This is a wonderful business that can provide supplemental income with lots of growth potential without requiring a large start-up investment. You’ll need to make a relatively light investment in dress inventory, business set-up, accessories, and a few other items but with hard work and determination it can be started on a tight budget.

We teach women how to start and run their own Princess Party business.  We offer an online course to help you become a small business owner.  It’s simple, more fun, and less stress…One party at a time.

Whatever you do, you are always better off using a quality guide and an experienced mentor.

Dream. Believe. Achieve. Get the Ultimate Party Business Start Up Course

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