The best advice I’ve heard for anyone trying to visualize a happy life is “find what you like to do…then figure out how to make a living at it.” (Unknown)

It’s not to suggest this is in any way an easy thing to do, but as you know, nothing worthwhile ever is.

And… Just think how it would impact your life to be happy at work, free  of the perpetual drama which permeates the modern workplace.

It appears as though, en masse,  employees around the world are awakening to a new reality in a hurry, attempting to re-work their relationship with their employers and even moving to the next step, which is to redefine how work fits into their lives instead of the other way around.

No one knows where this is all going as it is moving in a swirling pattern. however one thing seems clear…Life is happier when you are not miserable at work.

I don’t think anyone relishes being in a place where your employee relationship has become just work-for-hire. No care, no allegiance, no trust.

For many, however, life gets in the way and so they remain reluctantly tied to a 9-5, remote or otherwise.

But wait  minute.

All you’ve ever truly wanted was to live and work on your own terms, because life is happier when you are feeling good about work.

I’m here to inspire you as someone who stumbled happily into making a living at what I like to do, on my own terms.

It wasn’t something I was consciously pursuing… it was more of a happy accident.

Who cares how it happens.

No doubt when you’ve sought input from friends and family about making a change, (after they’ve said in no uncertain terms you were crazy,) you were  advised to “follow your passion.”

But, is that really a choice? Can one decide their passion?

More power to those who were fortunate and always knew what they passionately wanted to do with their lives, but what if you don’t know what it is?

Hint…most people stumble into it.

Like I did.

Regardless of how we arrive there, what we share is the hope for time freedom and to do things that we feel truly passionate about.

So many women procrastinate or ignore it when they finally find it, and sadly never experience the epiphany.

You may be inspired and frightened at the same time just thinking about quitting your 9-5 job, but if you’re reading this, I believe that one day you will find the courage to finally take the leap.

Maybe that day comes soon, when you decide that you’re tired of building someone else’s dream and with little reward.

When I quit (after a good plan was in place) my steady job, which I actually liked, I started my own business and didn’t feel as if I was “working” anymore. It was fun…and It all worked out.

So, let me ask you…when the lockdowns first happened did you get a chance to explore your long lost creativity which made you question how much you sacrificed for your job. The pay was good but the hours and travel/commute had eroded your quality of life?

Did you determine back then to have an exit plan that you are working towards and you are so close to leaving your job that you can’t hardly wait?

Have you already left a ‘great’ well paid corporate career that owned your time and emotions everyday?

If you are considering various options around the idea of leaving your job,  it most likely centers on the desire to escape the money trap, control your own finances, and to find something to do which brings you greater joy and peace.

That’s what is happening today in a big way.

I have been a self employed entrepreneur most of my adult life and what I can tell you is that it is LOTS OF FUN and offers the real potential for wealth. It also carries with it a responsibility and the need to be self disciplined, future looking, and determined.

But, the FREEDOM… is invaluable.

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