There is a link below to a short article which I think you will like. It’s called “7 Keys to a Joyful Life” by Chris Widener, offering insights that you may not be thinking about but can easily benefit from with dedication and mindfulness.


But first, I wanted to take a minute to look at something often discussed in print articles, social media, forums and other platforms which is the issue of job satisfaction in the modern workplace.

Much of the buzz is about a love-hate relationship with your job that most people commenting on these platforms believe exists. Is it real?

A Sense of Purpose

It is undeniably true that people today want a deeper sense of purpose in what they spend most of their lives doing, which is hard to come by in a traditional 9-5.

A Thin Line

It does make sense that in any situation an emotional attachment with your job develops simply because you take pride in what you do and so much of your life is spent at work.

Also, you work in coordination with others and some relationships with co-workers feel more like family than mere associates. This is the love part of the equation.

Unfortunately for most (an amazingly high 80%) employees throughout the world there is also a plain sense of job dissatisfaction due to the work itself seeming without purpose beyond a salary and benefits. There is no other way to say it.

There is much clutter and confusion coming to our lives from all directions so we can quickly become sidetracked dealing with inconsequential things, but still we crave the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile and can’t help but resist a situation when it is clearly missing.

Successful Companies Stress Fun

Years ago, my personal experience was similar. I felt like what I was doing was shallow, not what I wanted from a job.

I decided to take a chance and start a small business on the side.

Armed with the belief that whatever your dreams are, you have the ability to move them forward, it worked out.

” If you can’t have fun, don’t go to work.”

The ability to live that beautiful dream for 20 plus years has been awesome and well worth the price of going against the odds, taking risks, and betting on myself to succeed with something on my own.

But, choosing to see it as a way to help others is what gives it true meaning and value.

Choosing to Help Others (Don’t Miss Out-FREE Abundance Mindset Workbook)

We put our heart into making kids smile, creating the ambiance for them to indulge their dreams, while giving parents a break by taking the stress of party planning and hosting off their shoulders, allowing them to relax and have a good time.

After all, enjoying life and prospering is truly at the heart of what we all want in a job.

I can speak from experience in agreeing with Chris Widener when he says “choose to see your work as a way to help others and not just as a way to make money, the money and success will surely follow.”

It does, and so does a strong sense of purpose and deep personal fulfillment.

I think you are also someone who chooses to grow by taking real action- waking up early to get an edge, advancing your knowledge, gaining a new skills and moving along the path of personal growth.

If you know in your heart that’s where you want and need to be, here are some thoughts for finding and experiencing joy in your life in everything you do.

Article by Chris Widener: 7 Keys for Joyful Living  CLICK HERE


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