It was barely a few weeks ago that I struggled every day to find time to finish the things I was multi-tasking. The clock pressured me into becoming a multi-tasker extraordinaire.

Exhausting as it was, it gave me focus and a feeling like my time was valuable.

What I knew for sure was that time waits for no one.

Suddenly, everything went upside down. My job is on hold, we’re hunkered down at home, and all I can find is time. Nothing seems real, and time doesn’t seem as valuable as it did a few short weeks ago.  My day feels like a muddled mess.

Is this you?

If so, listen:

Your time matters more now than it ever has.

As difficult as circumstances are, why waste it?

Do something with it.

A day or two of doing absolutely nothing is okay, but getting into that routine will lead you nowhere but stir crazy.

Right now is an opportunity to research, to plan, and to chart  a course for a better life ahead.

The world may appear to be shut down, but it’s not.

No matter the circumstances, opportunity is everywhere. That’s the beauty of where we live.

Now is the time to get re-organized, revisit old ideas you had about what you’d love to do with your life, or embrace new ones!

Do some research, seek out information, take some online training to prepare yourself to come out the other side of this positioned for greater things ahead.

One day, and I believe soon, this will be over.

Don’t limit yourself by wasting time today.

Invest instead in creating a stronger foundation—your family, yourself, your beliefs,  and on the work you can do today to be ready to pounce onto the world when this is all over.

In other words, your time is valuable.

Use it to your advantage and experience the benefit of time well spent!




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