For the new year, instead of scrambling to come up with another (short-lived) resolution, get out and enjoy some exercise to start things off with a boom.

Come on now. Treating yourself to some regular vigorous exercise will have you feeling healthy, looking fit, and maybe catching an admiring glance when you least expect it.

Sorry, but there’s no way to find something wrong with that.

The lessons you learn now about taking care of yourself will change how you live your life.

Join a hot yoga studio, take a class at the gym, jog by the water, walk along a trail.

It’s not just the physical charge you feel from putting out physically, but just as importantly the emotional release from time away from the laundry, the kids, the to-do lists, the schedules, or the 9-5.

Exercising is a fabulous time to disengage even if it is for 10-15 minutes.

Allow your mind to turn from responsibilities to possibilities.

If you are a business person, it is good to understand that physical activity is as much of a pressure release for your business as it is for your body and mind.

Lisa Evans, writing for Entrepreneur, makes the case in her article entitled “7 Ways Exercising Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur.” Read More Here

How does exercising help you in business?

All the positive benefits of reducing stress, improving your body energy, and clearing the mind, have cross-over effects.

There are also some great psychological benefits gained from even small fitness “wins” that translate to similar situations in business. Moving to intermediate yoga, or progressing to a higher level in spin class can boost your confidence to achieve goals.

Confidence breeds confidence,

It will spill right over into your business activities where a small gain here and a social media “like” there can make a big difference in building momentum toward a healthy and prosperous year.

According to Evans, and fitness trainers she consulted, overcoming the challenge of training for an event like a marathon for example, also paves the way to becoming a better entrepreneur.

If I can overcome the myriad obstacles to running a race like that, I can come up with a simpler message to my target audience giving them a reason to become my customers.

There are additional benefits to working out

For example, networking with associates and potential customers while riding the bike at the gym or just the better nights sleep you typically enjoy after simply stretching or even a mild kettle bell or free weight class.

The benefits of exercise are not limited to your personal health.  It can improve the health of your business as well.

If you are anything like me, it’s about that feeling afterward that leaves you  ready to take on the world.

So guess what? It’s a brand new year. Let’s get this party started!

Get out and walk, run, spin, dance, or or lift the heavy metal.

It will change the way you live.


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