Introduction To Becoming a Princess Tea Party Business Owner

An In-depth guide to starting a Children’s Tea Party business from a behind the scenes, insider’s point of  view, with very useful and relevant content, advice,.and actionable tips. Great for an Introduction if you just want to see if the business is right for you.

“So, after listening to you, working on weekends would be perfect. Something I’d always wanted to do. Thanks for providing the tools.” Latoya, North Carolina

The Introductory Guide to the Princess Party Business

Provides clear, easy to understand information regarding how to get started in the Princess Party business.

  • Learn some of Lisa’s best practices to organize perfect Princess Tea Parties every time.
  • Learn about essential business areas such as organizing, planning, scheduling.
  • Day to day operations, party formula, venue selection, acquiring inventory.
  • Complete a simple business plan and operating budget.
  • How To Choose your niche and optimize your revenues.
  • Social Media, customer service, efficient customer interface and communication.
  • Great for an Introduction if you just want to see if the business is right for you. 
  • PDF format.

“Lisa Rose is very knowledgeable about this business and I value the depth of knowledge and expertise she shares and outlines in this kit. Miss Lisa Rose is very pleasant and I appreciate how responsive she is to my questions. I honestly believe she wants me to succeed and I appreciate that..”

Crystal, Virginia

Lisa Rose

When I started out, I was looking for a way to earn extra income and stay a full time mom. What followed was a simple, yet beautiful system that allowed me to succeed well beyond my dreams by running a weekend Princess Tea Party/Etiquette business for 24 years.


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