Have you been in situations where your kids are causing a scene at the checkout counter,  crawling under the table at a restaurant,  or worse, having a fit and spilling their drinks all over the place?

Those moments you feel helpless, wishing you could run, or at least not have to admit that they’re with you?

Or how about this one. You’re having a nice, relatively calm day only to have it flipped upside down by a call from their teacher telling you that your child has been disruptive in class or disrespectful, and could you please do something.  That’s always good for getting your heart racing.

I’m sure you have horror stories you could tell about dinner hour, mayhem in their bedroom, or how exhausting it is simply trying to get them to bed.

It’s ok, it happens to the best of us.

But wait!, There’s a cure!  Or, at a minimum, a sure remedy.

So, whether we’re talking about our own kids, grandchildren, nieces, nephews,  or other peoples kids, we want them to be well-mannered and socially well-adjusted.  But, we also know it can be hard to convince them to practice the virtues of being polite and respectful.

Good Manners are essential for every child’s self-confidence and success in life.

For parents, life can be crazy enough, with juggling kids, schedules, dinner, the laundry, and a part or full-time job.

With poor role models influencing our children every day on television, the internet, and right beside them in the classroom, you could use some help and guidance to keep your kids on the right path to good behavior.

A Guide to Basic Children’s Etiquette offering fundamentals of solid behavior and other life skills training is a blessing for many parents. My Princess Tea Party business has also featured etiquette classes for many years with great success as measured by the amount of repeat and referral business I receive.

And why not? The kids get along better with their peers and their behavior at home and at school is vastly improved.

In the world we’re living in this type of advantage is absolutely to be considered essential.

At Lisa Rose for example, we use a “Manners are Cool” approach.

Right off the bat we are developing a rapport with the children in a way they can embrace, making it fun for the kids as they learn by doing.  Once you establish that it’s cool to do this, which isn’t hard really, they are eager to learn and the value and benefit of what we are trying to teach them is easier to get across.

In my case it is “Look, Listen, and Lead.” As children prepare to attend pre-K or elementary school, it’s a good time to work with them on how to interact with others . A good beginners Etiquette training should teach the basics of:

• Why manners are important

• Positive First impressions

• Introductions and greetings

• Body language

• Table Manners

• Kindness and respect toward others

So, rather than simply talk about it, I thought it would be fun to show you in a quick video how easy and relaxed it is to teach social skills to a group of kids (and their parents) who are ok with the idea that not only are Manners Cool, but fun too!.

In this short snippet we start with talking about why manners are important. It’s very quick, but it will introduce you to how children’s etiquette is taught with our Manners are Cool approach.  In this instance, it is with a local Girl Scout Troop. I think they actually earned a badge upon completing the course.

It was great, and why helping others is where I derive so much enjoyment and satisfaction from the work I do.

I hope you’ll see that this is something you can do and quite possibly develop into a side business that is not only profitable but a lot of fun and full of meaning and purpose as it is about helping young people develop important skills to succeed in life.




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