You know what they say about every picture tells a story. This one proved how right that can be.

That sad, adorable little face started my mind wandering.

It unveiled the secret to a mystery in my life.

That being, how was I ever going to ditch my 9-5 without missing the income?

A quick, intuitive glance in her direction sparked inspiration for what became a great love of my life.

Timing is a beautiful thing.

An innocent child’s face revealing the unfiltered truth.

That’s my daughter Sean at her party celebrating her 4th birthday. Except, as you can see, she’s not exactly thrilled.

That’s Entertainment

Expecting to be entertained, she looks pretty disappointed, wouldn’t you say?

She’s 27 now and her keen discerning nature hasn’t changed a bit.

Risky Business

Backyard birthday parties are a crap shoot, especially if you hire expensive talent to entertain a bunch of little ones on sugar highs.

Send in the Clown.

He or she was a bust. Three hundred bucks an hour, and well, you see the look on her face.

One look can take your life in a whole new direction however, if you’re paying attention.

It was godsend.

Why?  As it turned out, it changed my life forever, helping my family in ways we could not have foreseen, and that clown could have charged me a thousand dollars for their boring little show…

It would have been worth it.


From that little snapshot, sprung the idea, that became a dream, that became the reality of Lisa Rose-my Princess Tea Party business.

Her disapproval of that clown’s lifeless performance translated in my mind to “Hey, I like to host parties and I can do way better than this. And, I’ll bet I can charge $400.”

Like all kids, she anticipated her party for weeks and just wanted her dream to come true and be a star on her birthday with all of her little friends around her.

Didn’t happen.

Right then and there, a mission statement for my new business was set in stone…

“Making a little girl’s dream come true.”

You know what?

It’s the easiest thing ever if you keep it all about them for just that hour or two.

What’s truly rewarding is that everyone is happy. The birthday girl, her parents, and you as the business owner.


That’s Sean a on the left and her sister Kiana at her 5th birthday, only this time at Lisa Rose. Trust me, she’s happy!!

BTW, it is also the key to success if you choose a business like this.

There’s more to this story, but I’ll leave you with this-

Keep your eyes open because you never know when inspiration will take you on a magic carpet ride.



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