I remember life in my early 30’s.  It was clear sailing into tomorrow against a blue sky.

I was chasing everywhere after three little kids, but I adored them and cherished the time together.

It didn’t matter how insane I may have looked to anyone else. My purpose in life was being a mom to those three rascals and I was content to do just that.

However, (there’s that big, however) prowling around out there making scary noises, was a trip back to the 9-5 corporate pressure cooker.

Honestly, I couldn’t handle the thought. I started  feeling anxious about not being there for the kids and going to a job that had long ago lost its luster. It was the tip- off that I better get it in gear and find a realistic way to avoid that.

There were other troubling questions I was asking myself about going back to work. It’s been so long, how do I catch up? I’m a new woman now with a family, how do I fit in? Working mothers are often taken less seriously and passed over for challenging assignments, earning less income. Was I going to be stuck in a boring job? Will it really help support my family, or be spinning my wheels paying for childcare?

What about the long hours and stressful days?

Do you know that feeling down in your solar plexus? I was there, trust me.

If that’s you too, make a promise right now to do whatever it takes to find a better way. It’s worth it.

It’s hard to imagine now what it was like then, on Sunday nights, dreading Monday morning. Sunday evenings are for warm and cozy, not a panic attack.

That was all years ago.

I made good on my promise to find another route to help out financially.

From a second income situation, flowed full-time income from a weekend business and a very fulfilling career.

Going into business for myself required two things: a dream and a gutsy decision.

That was the way, after all, to avoid missing out on my kids growing up and to earn a living. The perfect 9-5 didn’t exist.

There was some good fortune involved, I’ll be the first to say. Everyone needs an angel on their shoulder along the way.

I wasn’t buying into a safe but expensive formula franchise. I had no blueprint for the business I was going into. It was trial and error, and on my budget, very important to keep a tight lid on the mistakes.

But, you make them anyway.

A lot of people scoffed and thought I was crazy. That only emboldened me. I’m not one to live by other people’s expectations of how I should live my life. You can, but you will be forever bound by the limitations they place on you. Is that what you want?

Would you like to know what I quickly realized?

It is that believers in one’s own abilities are people who experience their heartfelt desires.

When I went into the Princess Tea Party business I expected to succeed but didn’t really know much about the business. It has been the most wonderful experience, and one of the best decisions I have made in my life because of the financial rewards and the contentment it brings.

The Princess Tea Party business is fun, flexible, and lucrative. Now, with nearly 20 years of experience, I am helping other women achieve the same joy and satisfaction I have experienced by offering my “Business in a Box.” It is the exact road map I followed to start and operate a successful business made easy for those interested in the business for themselves. No prior business experience is necessary, and no franchise fees. Learn More Here

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