I have been a lifetime admirer of the musician, Van Morrison.

It’s been said that all one needs is a little Van the Man in your life to make each day much brighter.

In his early work, in particular, his music struck a joyful optimistic tone and brought alive the human spirit.  Morrison made it feel good to be young and innocent.

Whether you know who I am talking about or not, believe me, he is one for the ages.

While I love his music, I discovered that it was not so much about melodies and lyrics as it was where they were spoken from.

From all walks of life, people arrive on the scene with a lot to say.   Most of the time, however, it is soon forgotten and they disappear as quickly. Like shiny objects with no true or lasting qualities.

Morrison speaks from an inarticulate place. The inarticulate speech of the heart, as he once titled it.

When your heart is open and present in what you are doing, it is something felt not spoken. It is you engaging from a deeper level of authenticity. Words and images can be packaged around it, but if your heart is absent the effort is superficial and insincere. And it shows.

We have hopes and dreams we chase in life. On the strength of desire alone, certainly success is attainable. It is with the unspoken word of the heart, however, that we experience contentment and joy in what we do with our lives.  Do you feel the same way too?

A major theme in my life has been children. I am no different than any mother in this regard, or anyone reading this with an open heart for kids. I loved the time  with the kids when they were young.

I can see that it had influence as I watch them now grow into full- fledged adulthood. It was Jaqueline Kennedy who once said that you can have all the wealth and privilege, but if you get it wrong with your kids, you have failed. I share in that belief and take heart in it.

The beautiful thing about what I do for a living is that while I was able to stay a mom for the kids but now they’re grown, my business allows me to keep my heart open and engaged with precious young kids.

To see them so innocent and lit up over the simplest of things is a great joy in my life, as well as their parent’s lives.

That is the inarticulate speech of the heart.

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Lisa Zakar is a wife and mother of 3. She is the owner of Lisa Rose, a popular Princess Tea Party venue. She has a 17-year track record in the Princess Tea Party business. Lisa had a 10-year history in higher end retail with Nordstrom before launching her business. Lisa Rose is an award winning party venue with Best of Honolulu/children’s parties/Honolulu Magazine, and, Winner of Best Children’s Parties/Island Parent Magazine. Lisa has locations in Honolulu.

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