Some people ask me if a background in business is important to succeed in a Princess Party business or to teach children manners and social skills.

The answer is that a business background is not required.

Chances are you have developed some pretty awesome management skills from taking care of a household, like paying the bills, running a taxi service, and keeping everyone healthy. Believe it or not, with that skill set, you have a definite leg up over a freshly minted management degree from a fancy college.

Female entrepreneurs have the determination and dedication to ensure success for their business.

So, have confidence that you can turn what you’re what you’re passionate about, into a business.

The women who purchase my Children’s Tea Party Business Kit are intelligent, driven and desirous of flexibility and fun in their lives. Once they understand that it offers a proven business model that works, like Sonya and so many others, it takes the pressure off of coming up with the the perfect business idea and endless research on how to execute on it.

A Business Plan

It’s almost like hiring a business consultant to prepare a business plan for you that you could take to your spouse, partner, or even the bank to get support for your venture. Only a heck of a lot less expensive.

Low startup Investment

With a proven and solid business model that is financially viable  with a low startup investment, you can experience cash flow quickly, within 30-60 days especially if you lead with teaching etiquette classes which can be done from home, then follow with Princess Parties once you have some clientele.

You can also start out mobile like Sonya did with her Princess Party business, then find the ideal location to open your retail space and do some serious business!

In this day and age of opportunity, when opening a business to add income or replace your 9-5 is more popular than ever, having a proven business model could very well be your surest bet for success.

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