This is the story of a mother of three who turned her passion for kids into a smart business idea that brought extra income and quickly became a love of her life.

But all money aside, the best part of my business was the amount of quality time it allowed me to spend with family over the years.

Lisa’s Story…

When I was younger and raising a family, my life was much like yours. I had high hopes of achieving great things and dreams of being right there for my kids’ as they grew up.

Against the wind

How would I do that? Working a regular job, I was falling behind and daily life never waited patiently for me to catch up. I was a mom starting to have real doubts about balancing a corporate 9-5 with managing a young household..

Sound Familiar?

In reality, I wasn’t so concerned about my ability to handle the juggling act. Somehow you manage. The doubts came from a deep desire to be there for the kids, especially when they didn’t feel well, or when with zero notice they insisted I show up in their classroom, that morning, to see them achieve some mind blowing thing!

There’s good and bad, give and take, with any situation, however, in gazing down the road, it was clear to see that as they got older and more active, this was only going to grow more difficult.

My anxiety became much too real as it dawned on me that if things kept on this way I could actually miss out on the kids growing up.
The thought of showing up when it was too late was something I couldn’t handle.

I wanted to be involved because I believed then as I do now, that if you did a poor job of raising your kids, nothing else matters.
Managing their social media is challenging enough. You can’t let it replace you.

But we needed a second income. I needed the ideal work situation.

We were hoping I could find something to bring in an extra $20,000 a year. With my work experience, that was definitely realistic.

Most things come with a few strings attached, especially when it means answering to somebody’s beck and call. I wasn’t convinced I could find that ideal situation working for someone.

A Mom Owned Business

I decided that the best way to have the income and flexibility we needed was to jump in with both feet and become a mom in business, setting my own schedule and making decisions with family at the center of my life.

We didn’t have a lot of money to risk and, truth be told, I wasn’t up for completely re-inventing the wheel. I was just bound and determined to take a mainstream service and do it better.

I discovered what turned out to be the best business idea ever for moms and women who love children.

Organizing Weekend Princess Tea Parties!

In plugging into an enormous $38 Billion party industry, my job in this niche is to help a little girl’s princess dream come true. Pure and simple. What makes it wonderful is that we share the same dream.

The girls live their princess dream and I live my dream job!

Good Times Ahead

Having daughters of my own, I knew this was a winning concept. What I didn’t know was that it would become the joy of my working life and mean so much to my family’s well- being.

Weekend Princess Tea Parties and Helping Kids with their Social Skills turned passion into opportunity, an idea into reality. My first store opened after about a year of preparation with a $12,000 investment. Not much when you consider the looming cost of day care or buying into a franchise.

I’d never had so much fun, searching through second-hand stores and antique shops for princess dresses and the unique fixtures and decorative pieces I had in mind. It was a tip-off for the good times that were yet to come.

Every business has it’s rhythm in terms of attracting and satisfying customers, so I did the work and made some mistakes but found what worked with finding good deals on supplies and costumes, advertising, which party packages to offer, what food to serve, when to hire help, etc.

Winging it

There was no one there to mentor me in business or a guide to follow to avoid the pitfalls. I figured it out as I went along.
Being in Honolulu, we asked a Hawaiian “Kahu” to bless our modest space before opening our doors. It covered me with such a warm feeling of safety and protection which has been my steadfast companion through the years.

I’ll tell you right now I was a nervous wreck when my first party of eight little 5-year olds and their moms burst through my door with soaring expectations. The kids expected the time of their life, and the parent sought their money’s worth.

This was it

There was no turning  back. I was either going to be the talk of their kindergarten class (not to mention Starbucks) or, I would go the way of your average backyard clown.

I must have nailed it because word spread quickly about this great new children’s party place in town. Totally unique, nothing else like it.
My bookings began to stabilize and our investment was returned within the first 18 months.

I’m still in the same location and have never looked back. That was more than two decades ago now. It’s true, time does fly when you’re having a blast!
Since then, we’ve made over 7,500 little princess dreams come true and generated more than $2,000,000 in total revenue from a weekend business!

I’m not suggesting you’ll become a millionaire from a weekend Princess Tea Party business, but you can see that a $12,000 investment has turned into much more than ever expected.

Life is So Much More Fun When You Succeed

I believe that when your thoughts and desires are in sync it is the way to reach where you want to be in life.
Our kids have graduated college now and I’ve been there for each milestone moment in their lives. Knock on wood, they are good kids. Adults, excuse me.

The weekend Tea Party business has been rock solid when the fine Hawaiian beach sand felt like it was shifting beneath our feet.

Running Princess Tea Parties is not immune from the hard times, but is very resilient because your service is always in demand.

I’ll tell you why

It’s a happy business for one.

Birthdays happen once a year, and, like birds in spring, they faithfully return.

Parents have only one short window of time with their kids and want to give them unique experiences and see them happy.

The beauty of this small business is that every day is someone’s birthday and all their little friends want to celebrate with them.
I have learned that most young girls between the ages of 4 and 9 want to be princesses, and, their parents are only too happy to try and make that dream come true.

Making the role of my business more valuable

We provide what everyone wants. The girls, their parents, and me. Win! Win! Win!
Over the years, I have added services and additional revenue streams such as Children’s Etiquette and Social Skills training and a re-fashioned clothing boutique making the business even more lucrative.

What I did was turn a Business idea for Women into reality. Running a small weekend business to create time for family makes so much sense.
Now that I have been doing that very thing for over 20 years, it’s time to show moms everywhere how they, too, can earn extra income and win back their time so they can spend it with their families.

My experience from doing all the groundwork, making lots of mistakes, while remaining persistent, has allowed me to create a Weekend Tea Party Business Kit (Like a Business in a Box), designed to help other women duplicate this easy and affordable way to earn extra income and spend quality time with their families.

I market it for under $200 so that anyone that is ready to give it a try is not held back..

Maybe one of them is you

I created what I call the Princess Tea Party Business Kit for one reason, because so many of my mainland customers wanted a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to start a side business for themselves, or, to add sources of income to their existing businesses without a lot of fuss.

Moms all across the world are often looking for a viable work-at-home or small outside business that allows them to earn extra income with a part-time side business or even develop it into a full time dream job like I did.

It’s time to get serious…allow me

The information in my introductory guides and the Business Kit makes it easier, faster, and much less expensive for you to start a side business because everything you need is found in one place instead of having to search endlessly all over the internet looking for it.

The Kit comes with a 37 page “How to Start a Princess Tea Party Business” Introductory Guide and Become a Children’s Etiquette Training Kit as well as digital templates to quickly have a web presence and collateral materials to market your services.

The Business Kit will help you:

  • Find the clarity you need to make forward progress
  • Save you the time of figuring this all out by yourself
  • Build the confidence to reach your goal
  • Providing step by step guidance to get you to the finish line whether you want a part-time side biz or full-time dream job
  • Get started in a timely and cost-efficient manner
  • Use my best practices to organize and execute perfect Princess Tea Parties every time
  • Plan, Operate, and Market Your Business
  • Choose your niche and optimize your revenues

The business I started from scratch almost 22 years ago has been a blessing in more ways than I can count.
Now, I am showing other women how to gain balance, flexibility and income in their lives.

I’ve never been more convinced that everyone who values freedom and wants to protect their financial independence needs a Plan B. That’s why I created The Princess Tea Party Business Kit and want you to be the first to know about ways that can help you do just that.

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