This mini course teaches how to plan and start-up a princess party business


If you are looking for a part-time weekend gig, Princess Parties are a great option if you enjoy kids, party planning, and all things girlie.

Hosting just a few parties a month can make a big difference in your cashflow!


3 instructional video modules plus actionable worksheets for easy download

Learn the Secrets I wish I knew when I started


MODULE 1 –  Designed to help you identify and develop your “Big Idea”, create a Mission Statement, put your plans to paper, and laser focus on your goals.

MODULE 2 –  Instructs on several proven cost effective ways to start your side gig. Teaches how to define your market, understand the demographics of your community, and determine your market (party) niche.  

MODULE 3- Covers fine tuning a business plan; startup budget; and, general startup requirements to build a solid foundation.

Be Your Own Boss

Build a Financial Safety Net

A Side Gig You Can Actually Enjoy


The OFFER at this price will not last long!

The price of waiting is lost time, money, and opportunity.

The Accelerator Mini Course puts you on your way to developing a lucrative income stream.

A Mini Course Focused on Planning and Startup

  • Learn how to establish positive goals that will inspire you to take action
  • Develop your “Big Idea”
  • Create a Mission Statement
  • Understand basic startup requirements
  • Fine tune a business plan
  • Create a startup budget
  • Learn about all essential aspects of the business, from starting-up to scaling-up,



Why This Mini Course?


Do you want to become more self-reliant and see your income grow in the next year?

Would you rather search around for information on your own or have a gameplan to follow?

The market for kids’ birthday parties remains vibrant with estimated annual revenues in the $3 Billion range, because parents and grandparents will always spend to make a child’s birthday a happy, memorable experience.

Now, with a Training like The Mini Course, it is much easier and faster to learn how to start a new side gig  like a party service and generate a lucrative side income stream.

In this Mini Course I teach ways to to do it at low cost while sparing you much of the leg work.

It is presented in an easy to follow format so you can learn faster and reach your goals in months, not years..

Now is the time to lay the foundation for a side gig as the event industry is seeing an uptick in business as families are planning to gather for birthday parties, weddings and baby showers, again.

What more could you ask for when considering a side gig than a formula that features low cost to start, top dollar party pricing, and constant demand?

Did I mention how Princess Parties are so much fun that you’ll have the time of your life hosting each and every one of them?

To your success,

Jump Right In With the Mini Course

Learn to build a lasting side gig by first setting up the proper foundation

 Guaranteed to save you time and money  



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Learn To Plan and Start a Lucrative Side Gig


” I am so grateful that I had this kit and Lisa to guide me through the process of how to run a successful business. Lisa also  has an etiquette course to help you conduct etiquette classes to generate more income!”

Sonya, Maryland

“I’m taking the training now.  Lisa is excellent.”
Carmen Rivera

“I am the owner of a childcare center looking to add an additional source of income for myself. This is the resource I have been looking for.”
Rheitta, Georgia

“So, after listening to you, working on weekends would be perfect. Something I’d always wanted to do. Thanks for providing the tools.”
Latoya Conners

“I love being with kids and princess parties seemed like a natural way to add business at my teashop. The Business Kit really helped streamline the process. This will increase my sales and bring in new customers.”

Kay, Illinois

“My eyes lit up when a simple Google search led me to Lisa Rose, a woman just as passionate as I who has successfully run my dream business for 20 years!”
Felicia, Atlanta

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