Teaching Children’s Etiquette

An expert led course with everything you need to know about teaching Children’s Etiquette classes using the “Manners are Cool” approach.  It provides guidance and support allowing you to successfully open your own Children’s Etiquette Training side business. This is a high demand skill that parents and teachers are searching for.  

Module 1 : How to Organize and Set Up Your Classes

Training is geared to younger children, ages 6+,
focusing on the basic building blocks of appropriate behavior in social situations. This does not require much of a facility except for table and chairs, for a classroom type set up.

Course covers all basics to conduct etiquette class sessions to include supplies, course instructions and guidelines, Teachers Handbook, Children’s Workbook, session preparation and set up, table session and meal guidelines, menu suggestions, introductions, more.


Module 2 : How to Conduct Your Classes

Utilizing the Teachers Handbook and Children’s Workbook, learn techniques for teaching manners and etiquette classes for boys and girls stressing the importance of good manners and how they relate to a child’s world.

Good manners bring more friends, more invitations to play groups, birthday parties, and simply being accepted among peers in school. Video demonstration of actual classes included.


Module 3 : Marketing and Promotions

Covers best practices for Social Media and print advertising to target and reach customers. Website, Marketing, and Customer Correspondence templates included.


Lisa Rose


When I started out, I was looking for a way to earn extra income and stay a full time mom. What followed was a simple, yet beautiful system that allowed me to succeed well beyond my dreams by running a weekend Princess Tea Party/Etiquette business.

You can get started on the same path with no experience necessary. It’s all in the Course.

No Experience Needed

The Etiquette Training Kit is an easy to follow online training program teaching you to become a Children’s Etiquette Teacher.

Low Start-Up

Enables you to get started quickly by following my step-by-step guide.  

Ready to get started?   Only $89

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