Bundle Up: Intro To The Princess Party Business & Etiquette Training

An In-depth Introductory guide to starting a Children’s Tea Party business, with very useful and relevant content, advice, and insider tips, PLUS a DIY Manual to begin Teaching Children’s Etiquette classes.

An Introduction to the Princess Party Business

  • Provides clear, easy to understand information regarding how to get started in the Princess Party business
  • Learn some of Lisa’s best practices to organize perfect Princess Tea Parties every time
  • Complete a simple business plan and operating budget
  • How To Choose your niche and optimize your revenues
  • Great for an Introduction if you just want to see if the business is right for you.  PDF format

Manners are Cool : A DIY Manual for Teaching Children's Etiquette Classes

    • Use the DIY Etiquette Teachers Guide and Class Instruction Manual to begin earning money conducting Manners and Etiquette classes and have fun doing it.
    • Shows How To Get Started confidently in a timely and cost-efficient manner
    • Learn some of Lisa’s best practices to organize for and conduct class sessions.
    • Perfect way to start. Simple, economical, no experience needed.  PDF format

    Lisa Rose


    When I started out, I was looking for a way to earn extra income and stay a full time mom. What followed was a simple, yet beautiful system that allowed me to succeed well beyond my dreams by running a weekend Princess Tea Party/Etiquette business.

    These guides are a perfect Introduction if you just want to see if the business is right for you.

    No Experience Needed

    The “Manners are Cool” Teacher’s Handbook and Children’s Workbook  Manuals are easy to follow to begin  teaching  Children’s Etiquette on a DYI basis.

    Low Start Up

    Enables you to get started quickly with modest investment in materials and menu items.

    Ready to get started? Bundle Up! Get My 2-Pack- Only $39

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