Keeping it Simple

The Children’s Princess Tea Party Business has a simple yet powerful formula for long term success- consistent delivery of your product, attention to detail, and customer focus equals a happy child and a satisfied parent.

For me, this resulted in Premium pricing, low overhead, steady demand for my service and financial success but more importantly, personal gratification.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is what most grounded people are looking for today.

Parents are willing to pay well for this service because it is a way to do something special for their child. They also derive a sense of personal accomplishment by providing a unique and memorable birthday experience for them.

See how that works?

Think of that as the Holy Grail. If you want steady referral business and a solid reputation in the community and on social media as the “go to” venue for children’s dress up tea parties, follow this formula and do not cut corners.

Fun and Rewarding. What more can you ask for?

There is plenty of room for your own personal creativity in hosting the parties themselves whether you are in a retail space, a shared space, mobile, or home-based. The business itself is a lot of fun and very rewarding in many ways, and you want to preserve that.

The success formula is not difficult to practice. If you stray or do other things to undermine your purpose however, it can lose its appeal very quickly.

Here are the 5 No, No’s:

Absentee Ownership

Having someone else run your business for extended periods of time is the fastest way for it to decline or even fail. This is not to suggest that having a trusted part time hostess run parties for a weekend or two is out of the question, however, that is quite different from launching a business and turning it over to employees. You are the face that parents want to see and are entrusting their child’s happiness to for that hour and a half.

Compromise on Service

Think of a four or five year old little girl on her birthday with all of her friends seated around her. She is having her princess dream come true. It is unthinkable to jeopardize that moment by compromising on service with a smile and ending up with an unhappy child. This is what your business is all about and to cut corners here is a guarantee that your business will not succeed.

Change your formula from one party to the next

The best way to follow the formula for success is to settle on packages and themes you offer and stick to them. It is the right way to become the best at what you do, have your customers know what to expect, control costs, and keep to a party schedule. Many times parents will want themes or food for example, which are way off from what you offer. You simply find a polite way of declining, and staying with the program. This is not to be completely inflexible and there are food allergies to consider, but stay with the primary services.

Disengage the Parents

For the most part, parents of party guests will drop the kids off and pick them up. The birthday girl’s parents and some others will stay. There are venues that keep parents away from the kids while the party is in progress. Sure, helicopter parents can be difficult, but parents are there to see their children happy, not hope to hear about it later. Don’t disengage parents who derive satisfaction in their child’s happiness.

Get Fancy or Overdo Your Space

The Princess Tea Party business should be a high profit margin business. Do not take on too much overhead by committing to a high rent space or acquiring expensive furniture, fixtures, and equipment. As long as you are well located in an acceptable neighborhood, you are fine. Keep overhead down by doing most everything yourself and limiting outside help to a minimum.

These are hard yet invaluable lessons learned, and looking back, the best advice I can pass on to you as an aspiring party business owner.

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