Being hunkered down at home doesn’t mean curl up in a ball and surrender.

Come out of this stronger!

Learn something about yourself. Develop a new skill

I won’t mince words. I”m developing something COMING SOON, that  will help you not only survive but flourish in the wake of current circumstances.

Now is the time to think about adding income and doing your research, don’t you agree?

People ask me all the time if a background in business is necessary in order to succeed with a side business teaching children’s etiquette and social skills.

The answer is no, it is not necessary at all.

Chances are you have developed some pretty awesome management skills from taking care of a household, like paying the bills, running a taxi service, and keeping everyone healthy. Believe it or not, with that skill set you have a definite leg up over a freshly minted management degree from a fancy college.

Female entrepreneurs have the determination and dedication to ensure success for their business.

A business providing etiquette and social skills instruction is simple, informal, and uncomplicated.

It is a business that can be home based, or can be operated from such places as a church facility, a community center, a restaurant, or a modest retail space for example. There are teacher handbooks and class instruction manuals available providing you with everything necessary to conduct class sessions, resulting in a lot of smiling kids and happy parents!

Low startup Investment

Teaching children’s etiquette and social skills as a side business can and should be a low overhead/high income business. Supplies and inventory are minimal, and there is no need for anything more than a modest space that is private,  safe, clean, with basic kitchen and bathroom facilities.

A proven system

With a proven and solid teaching model detailed in the Etiquette Teacher”s Kit (COMING SOON!) that is financially viable  with a low startup investment, you can experience cash flow quickly,

There is no other resource out there like it.

Why waste time?

I’ll walk you through the exact process that I’ve used in my business for 20 years, with a downloadable training showing every best practice developed to get where I am now.

You can spend years of your life on trial and error trying to figure things out for yourself or you can let me walk you through everything I have learned over 22 years of trial and error and thousands of etiquette class sessions.

So, there is every reason to have confidence that you can turn what you’re what you’re passionate about, into an income producing side business.

Get to Work on it Now

If you start working on it now you’ll be prepared so that when this is all over, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and set to explode with your Children’s Etiquette side business.

Once really get to work on it, are settled with a space to operate from, and with some early advertising to alert the community of this new and exciting service, you can begin taking bookings and earning an income within a few months.

The women who purchase my Children’s Tea Party Business Kit, which includes the Etiquette Teacher’s Kit, are intelligent, driven and desirous of a happier, more fulfilling life.

Once they understand that it offers a proven business model that works, it takes the pressure off of coming up with the the perfect business idea and endless research on how to execute on it.

Circumstances or timing may never be “just right” for you. At some point you must decide that your time is Now, and that your dreams for a better more fulfilling life are worth it no matter what is happening.

In this day and age, following a proven model to get out of the gate quickly with confidence is your surest bet for success.

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